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RStech Products Available from Hichrom Ltd

HECTOR ranges of HPLC columns

RStech Products Available from Hichrom Ltd.

Cols6M3C9864RStech Corporation of Korea manufactures the OPTIMAPAK and HECTOR ranges of HPLC columns and the INOPAK range of SPE columns. OPTIMAPAK columns are available in C18, C8, NH2 and Silica chemistries. The newer HECTOR HPLC column ranges include series of bonded phases, offering the customer a wide choice of selectivities. The INOPAK SPE range consists of C18, C8, NH2, Silica and Florisil phases for high recoveries and a wide range of applications.

HECTOR columns are designed for HPLC, LC-MS, SFC and SMB. All phases have low levels of metal impurities and are endcapped for reproducibility and durability. Columns are available packed with 3, 5 and 10mm particles and with microbore to preparative dimensions. HECTOR columns are suitable for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental and food separation areas.

The HECTOR product line-up includes five different ranges.

HECTOR-M phases are monomerically bonded and available with C18, C8, C4, NH2, Diol, CN, Phenyl, Sil chemistries.

HECTOR-A C18 and C8 phases contain a hydrophilic functional group, enabling them to be compatible with highly aqueous eluents and provide additional retention for polar compounds.

HECTOR-T has trifunctional C18 bonding, which confers a higher acid and base durability than monofunctional C18 phases.

HECTOR-W is a 300Å wide-pore silica with C18, C8, C4 and NH2 bonding, for the separation of peptides, proteins and oligonucleotides.

HECTOR-ACD ion-exchange phases (WCX and SCX) are specifically designed for the separation of acidic compounds.

INOPAK SPE columns have a wide range of applications, each showing high selectivity and enhanced recovery. They offer reproducible results and the potential for automation. INOPAK sorbents include C18, C8, NH2, Silica and Florisil packed in 1, 3 and 6ml syringes.

This catalogue contains a wealth of valuable information and advice for the chromatographer. To request your free copy email or call 0118 930 3660.

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