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First Inverted Routine Microscope with LED Light Source

Leica DM IL LED.jpgWetzlar, Germany. Brilliant optics and optimum illumination are the key to achieving the best possible results in microscopy. The Leica DM IL LED is the first inverted routine microscope to combine super-lative Leica HC optics with state-of-the-art LED illumination. The low-maintenance light source with no heat build-up, the long free working distances and generous space for operation and the system’s high stability, create ideal conditions for microscopy with live samples. The Leica DM IL LED and the fluores¬cence variant Leica DM IL FLUO are exceptionally versatile and can be individually configured with a wide range of optics and accessories – advantages that are unique in this class of microscope.

Ready for anything
The Leica DM IL LED is suitable for a wide variety of cell and tissue culture examinations in biology and medicine, for studies in development biology or micromanipulation all the way up to live cell experiments in transgenics or elec¬trophysiology. The Leica DM IL FLUO variant offers versa¬tile appli-cation potential for fluorescence applications such as GFP labeling and can also be supplied with LED fluo¬rescence illumination on request. Featuring an energy-saving automatic shutoff, the compact illumination unit integrates a pre-centered LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours – no more need for lamp change! The 10-watt power of the LED is fully converted into light.

Flexible and modular
The transmitted light illumination, optimized condensers and contrasting techniques are specially geared to cytobiological applications. All available contrasting techniques can be easily and quickly adjusted to individual requirements. The integrated modulation contrast (IMC) is a special advantage. This unique technique, further developed by Leica Microsystems, does not require special objectives. The microscope is highly compatible with components of Leica research microscopes. For the first time, condensers have been designed for the Leica DM IL LED that are suitable for all contrasting tech-niques. With its working distance of at least 80 mm and an aperture of 0.30, the S80 condensor gives the greatest possible amount of space around the sample whilst providing optimum contrast. The continuously adjustable con¬denser height offers unique flexibility when using peripheral microtools. With an aperture of 0.45 and at least 40 mm working distance, the S40 condenser enables particularly high resolutions – ideal for phase contrast and IMC.

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