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FreeLIMS’ Latest LIMS Software Empowers Labs with Seamless Data Management, Automation, and Compliance

publication date: Mar 19, 2024
author/source: FreeLIMS



The latest version of FreeLIMS, a no-cost LIMS software, is power-packed with features to meet the data management, automation, and regulatory requirements of labs.

FreeLIMS announces the release of a new version of its free, secure, configurable, in-the-cloud LIMS software. The version unlocks more power to its users with the roll-out of a wide range of functionality to better meet data management, automation, and regulatory requirements of laboratories. Its comprehensive range of features is designed to seamlessly address the needs of various industries including biobanks, clinical research and diagnostics, and analytical testing laboratories, such as cannabis, water, environmental, food and beverage, and material testing laboratories. The new version is available to all laboratories aiming to digitally transform their operations to ensure error-free, faster, and seamless lab management.


The new version includes the following features and enhancements:

  1. Generate Composite Reports with Advanced Search: You can add up to 10 attribute filters to filter records across Sample, Study, Subject, User/Staff, Test, Client, Kit, and Inventory modules. Refine searches further with exclusion filters, ensuring you retrieve only the data you need.
  2. Customize Client Portal: Now you can customize your client portal login page. Choose backdrop colors, customize text appearance, and enhance visual appeal. Offer a tailored client experience by aligning the login page with your preferred color scheme and style preferences for branding.
  3. Perform Automated Dependency Calculations: While importing a results file, FreeLIMS automatically performs pre-configured dependency calculations for all supported analyte file formats, ensuring error-free imports and eliminating the need for manual intervention in complex test result calculations.
  4. Batch Export Test Reports: Effortlessly download multiple PDF test reports for selected test records in batches. Whether exporting 5, 25, or more reports, FreeLIMS enables seamless downloading of reports to your system while saving them within the application for convenient reference.
  5. Streamline Test Run Tracking: Effortlessly manage multiple test runs and their results. When conducting repeated tests on the same sample, this update simplifies tracking, ensuring a clear association of results with respective test runs.
  6. Selectively Display Analytes to Enter Test Results: Effortlessly input results with FreeLIMS’ analyte-driven Test Result Entry window. This streamlined interface allows easy selection and entry of analytes from multiple samples, enhancing efficiency and convenience in result input.
  7. View Specific Reports for Sample ID and Test ID Combinations: Access test reports specific to the required Sample ID and Test ID combination, even when multiple samples share a Test ID.
  8. Streamline Sample Organization with Group Sample IDs: Effortlessly organize all samples from one patient on a given day with the “Sample Group ID” feature. The system generates a unique ID, combining patient details, sample IDs, and the collection date for easy identification.
  9. Maintain Patient Trace Logs: Effortlessly monitor all activities within the Patients module, from initial patient entry to existing record updates. Furthermore, you can generate detailed Trace Log reports in both PDF and MS Excel formats for audits and internal referencing purposes.
  10. Efficiently Manage Tasks: Track tasks efficiently with the new “My Tasks” tab, eliminating the need to go to your mailbox and read them through email notifications. Easily monitor assignments like “Transfer Test” and “Send for Review,” without having to sift through emails.
  11. Add Legends to Test Reports: Add descriptive legends to your test reports or Certificates of Analysis (CoA) so you have all the information you need to quickly and easily interpret the results at a glance.
  12. Boost Transparency of Your Services: Enhance cost transparency in test orders by efficiently managing and tracking associated charges for various services, providing customers with exact bifurcation of the total cost associated with each test order.
  13. Sample Transfers in a Single Click: You can now receive, transfer, dispose of, restore, and dissociate all samples from storage in your laboratory or biobank in a batch, irrespective of the sample types, with a click of a button.

To get a free license, sign up on and start using FreeLIMS today.


About FreeLIMS

Established in 2015, FreeLIMS is an energetic team producing in the cloud Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to facilitate laboratories to seamlessly manage their data, streamline their workflows, and meet regulatory compliance.


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