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Veolia Water Technologies UK

Veolia Water Technologies UK

Veolia Water Technologies UK


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All articles from Veolia Water Technologies UK

  World leading biotech company chooses Veolia Water Technologies to deliver ultra pure water

Veolia Water Technologies has designed and installed a bespoke ultrapure water purification system for an Oxford-based biotechnology research company. Based on its existing MEDICA™ Pro 120, the tailored solution ensures that a continuous supply of ultrapure water is distributed and meets all of the exacting requirements for cutting-edge molecular biology. The added advantage for the client is that the system has also increased their laboratory’s production capacity...


  World-Leading Biopharma Company benefits from Bespoke Water Treatment System for New Lab

Veolia Water Technologies has designed and installed a bespoke centralised water purification system in a newly refurbished laboratory for a Hertfordshire-based biopharma company. The bespoke solution, utilising existing CENTRA™ reverse osmosis technology, provides a higher make-up rate of purified water to fulfil the company’s requirements...


  Water For Life: Enabling Vital Medical Research Through World-Class Lab Water Supply

Veolia Water Technologies recently provided lab purification solutions to facilitate the life-saving work carried out by a prestigious University-based research institution. Through early engagement, the Veolia Water Technologies team were able to integrate their solutions within a highly bespoke lab design.Upgrading laboratory facilities in a cutting-edge research institution, which is dedicated to advancing the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease, unsurprisingly comes with complex considerations and rigorous requirements...


  Veolia Water Technologies and Miele Professional collaborate to create an enhanced cleaning solution for a major chemical research facility

Veolia Water Technologies and Miele Professional and have collaborated to enhance a major research facility’s glassware washer capacity. Miele Professional’s PLW8617 large-capacity glassware dishwasher paired with Veolia's CENTRA™ centralised RO system combined to create a solution that prioritises a high delivery date and robust redundancy to minimise downtime...


  Veolia Water Technologies Launches POLARIS 2.0 for Pharmaceutical WFI and Pure Steam

Veolia Water Technologies has launched the latest generation of Polaris, its leading high-capacity water distillation and steam generation solutions, developed for the pharmaceutical industry. Using a range of standard options, the skid-mounted Polaris 2.0 Multiple Effect Distiller (MED) and Polaris 2.0 Pure Steam Generator (PSG) systems have been engineered to reliably deliver the required volumes of water for injection (WFI) and pure steam in line with European, Japanese and US Pharmacopoeia standards...


  Veolia Water Technologies launches PURELAB® Pharma Compliance

Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) has launched its PURELAB® Pharma Compliance package for those who require a reliable supply of ultrapure water (UPW) for quality control (QC) laboratories and all the necessary validation and qualification software. This new package provides everything a QC laboratory could need in a tailored, easy to use combination of equipment and services...


  Veolia Water Technologies UK Launches New Elga Purelab

Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) has launched a new PURELAB® water dispenser to be used with selected ELGA laboratory VWT UK Type I and 2 laboratory water purification systems. The product is ideal for those operating within busy laboratories. The PURELAB® Dispenser has a built-in monitoring sensor, which measures water quality as close as 1.2m from the point of dispense, ensuring a more accurate water quality reading...


  Delivering a Complete and Compact Purified Water Solution for UCL Laboratory

Veolia Water Technologies UK’s (VWT UK) innovative PURELAB® Quest unit has been selected to provide a complete purified water solution for a newly refurbished laboratory at University College London (UCL). The compact unit, which delivers all required types of purified water, was chosen to help maximise the available workspace. Located on the main UCL campus, the Anatomy Building has been undergoing phased updates to much of its interior, including several separate lab areas...


  Veolia Water Technologies Launches PURELAB

veolia-water-technologies-launches-purelab-questVeolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) has launched PURELAB® Quest, a lab water purification unit that delivers Type I, II and III water. The cost effective and simple to use system reliably delivers high quality purified water to ensure the integrity of testing, analysis and research processes. The new PURELAB® Quest has been engineered to offer an ideal solution for small, public sector or university facilities that need a simple, reliable way of producing lab quality water without the risk, waste and complexity of managing packaged pure water...


  Need an affordable lab water purification system?

Having the exact quality of water to hand is essential to your lab research. But you don’t want it to cost a fortune. That’s why ELGA PURELAB Quest is the ideal, compact choice for science-ready water provision. Easy to install, it’s the ‘plug and play’ answer that sits neatly on your bench. Just 510mm high and 232mm wide, PURELAB Quest needs no space at all...


  In CHORUS with Veolia Water Technologies UK

Made up of industry-leading modular laboratory water systems, the PURELAB® Chorus Lab Water System is suitable for customers in the biotech, pharmaceutical and testing laboratory sectors. Now, Veolia Water Technologies (VWT UK) has made specifying systems from the range even easier with the launch of its PURELAB® Scientific Product Selector Tool. In launching its new service, VWT UK has helped to simplify the specification process associated with procuring pure water production systems...


  ELGA LabWater Launches PURELAB Quest

ELGA LabWater, part of Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK), has launched PURELAB Quest, a lab water purification unit that delivers Type I, II and III water. The cost effective and simple to use system reliably delivers high quality purified water to ensure the integrity of testing, analysis and research processes.


  Veolia Water Technologies Introduces The Sirion

Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) has launched two new SIRION™  range models - the SIRION™ PRO and the SIRION™ Advanced. Integrating advanced digital monitoring capabilities, these premium RO solutions are the ideal energy efficient solutions for the production of highly purified water and can provide facilities with substantial operational savings...



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