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GPE Scientific Ltd

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All articles from GPE Scientific Ltd

  Compact. Personal. Rapid. Introducing the New Enbio Microjet Autoclave

There are many reasons why the modern and innovative Enbio Microjet Autoclave would improve your workplace practice, although there is one particular feature, the “Direct Energy Transfer technology,” which places it above the competition.

Microjet GPEThe “Direct Energy Transfer technology” is a revolutionary process which utilises microwave automation, instead of the traditional 'pressure cooker' approach. Media preparation is three times faster and safer, providing instantaneous and uniform heat distribution, at a tenth of the energy of other traditional autoclave methods....


  NEW Scilogex Life Science product range; designed for efficient laboratories

GPE are delighted to announce that Scilogex has expanded their range of Life Science products.

scilogexThe successful range of Scilogex benchtop lab equipment continues to grow, with two ranges launched; thermal mixers and electronic bottletop dispensers. The iTrite electronic bottletop burette and the iFlow electronic bottletop dispenser is the latest in modern innovation for Liquid Handling products....


  New NMReady Flow Cell Innovation: Designed for Efficient NMR Analysis

GPE Scientific is delighted to announce the new innovative Flow Cell; designed to be used as an extension of the Nanalysis NMR spectrometer 60e/60 Pro.

GPE scientificBenchtop NMR Spectrometers are ideal for real-time, quantitative reaction monitoring and are modern, compact, affordable and low maintenance instruments that can be easily connected for occasional or dedicated online detection. The Flow cell has been created to allow the incorporation of an NMR detector into a flow system, For example: real time reaction monitoring of existing processes or reaction kinetics studies. The extension generates spectra with good signal...


  GPE Scientific Provides Vital Educational Portable Spectrometer to the University of Edinburgh; Refining and Improving Undergraduate Studies

GPE Scientific has provided a 60 MHz NMReady benchtop spectrometer to the University of Edinburgh, designed for a three year University project: in order to refine and improve chemistry undergraduates studies in Chemical Sciences.

60 MHz NMReady benchtop spectrometerThere are many reasons why the NMReady spectrometer from Nanalysis would be used in teaching laboratories: it has many features, including, but not limited to; a cryogen free, persistent magnetic field, a simple to use LCD touch screen, optional kinetics capabilities for simple reaction monitoring and can perform routine NMR measurements effortlessly...


  New Scilogex Life Science Benchtop Equipment

Looking for some new Liquid Handling equipment? or perhaps a new Centrifuge for your lab?  Our new Scilogex range is very competitively priced so take a look to see if we can spruce up your lab for 2016

Scilogex Flat Spin Stirrer

The Scilogex brand offers innovative and unique life science laboratory equipment for all areas of research. Every product has been carefully selected for quality and priced to meet your budget so your lab can operate at its highest level of efficiency....


  GPE Scientific Ltd announces new website launch

GPE Scientific Ltd, a leading manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment and industrial and research glassware, announced today that they have officially launched a new website.

New Website from GPE Scientific Ltd

The new website offers a modern design focussing on the customer navigation and interaction across the site. The Quotation Basket function allows the customer to quickly add a wide range of products to their basket and submit the order for a finalised price. This means customers will get the best possible price direct.The website now offers four main sections, Chemistry, Life Science, Industrial Glass and Glassblowing Tools allowing customers to find a range of products suitable for their needs. The site has also been developed to include extensive product information where relevant, including technical data, videos, downloadable brochures and leaflets...


  GPE Scientific awarded CIPS Sustainability rated supplier certification

CIPS Sustainability rated supplier certification

gpe-logoThe CIPS Sustainability is a collaboration between the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, the University of West England (UWE) and PRGX. With research indicating that there were limited cross-industry standards to assess all three pillars of sustainability for both suppliers and buyers, the CIPS Sustainability Index was developed by the team to create a consistent sustainability measurement to support purchasing and, in doing so, create significant time and cost efficiencies....


  New J Young 2014 Brochure from GPE Scientific Ltd

Latest J Young Brochure contains includes a wide range of new products, including the Vacuum Manifold and Schlenk Line range, Vac Line Cold Traps and Bubblers, a complete range of Sample and Schlenk Flasks and much more.

J Young Brochure 2014J Young valves were first developed in 1968 and in March 2010 GPE Scientific Ltd took over ownership of the famous brand. We have built up the J Young product range to offer hundreds of essential products to be used in industrial and academic research facilities and by glassblowers around the world. GPE Scientific are pleased to announce the latest brochure launch for the J Young range which not only contains our most popular items such as the NMR Valve and the High Vacuum Greaseless Stopcocks but also includes a wide range of new products....


  NMReady the revolutionary all-in-one benchtop NMR spectrometer

The NMReady offers spectroscopic resolution at a fraction of the size, cost and maintenance of current NMR instrumentation and allows users to quickly perform routine NMR measurements (sample proton spectra and fluorine spectra). 

benchtopActionnewThe spectrometer is also low maintenance due to the magnetic field generated by permanent rare earth magnets so cryogens and weekly maintenance are no longer needed. GPE Scientific launched the Nanalysis NMReady to the UK and Ireland markets in March 2014 and has already had an overwhelming response from Chemists, Academics and Researchers within the NMR community. The NMReady was the first 60 Mhz all in one spectrometer available on the benchtop NMR market and the higher field offers greater resolution and peak separation than is possible from lower-field competitors....


  GPE Scientific and Nanalysis bring bench-top NMR to the UK

Nanalysis and GPE Scientific are working together to incorporate NMR into more academic institutions and industrial labs. 

benchtopActionThe goal is for NMR to no longer be a tightly controlled resource available to small groups of end-users.  Undergraduate students will now get the chance to gain NMR knowledge with hands-on learning using standard NMR tubes and instrumentation. GPE Scientific Ltd is a leading distributor and manufacturer of laboratory equipment, based in Leighton Buzzard with over 50 years of experience serving industry, academic, and research customers in the U.K. and Ireland....


  New Year, New Sales Team at GPE Scientific Ltd.

Peter Ingram and Simon Rainbow join GPE Scientific

GPE ScientificGPE Scientific has over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of precision glass materials for industry, laboratory and research companies and have recently expanded our Sales Team to meet our customer’s needs. GPE are pleased to announce the recruitment of our Northern and Southern Sales Representatives Peter Ingram and Simon Rainbow....



  GPE Scientific announces two new Directors.

GPE Scientific are pleased to announce the promotion of Hannah Neville and Patrick Delaney onto the Board of Directors.

New GPE Scientific DirectorsHannah Neville has been promoted to Director from her role as Sales and Office Manager. Hannah started working at GPE in 2002 as an Office Junior, over the years Hannah has developed her knowledge of the corporate side of the business as well as an exceptional understanding of the company’s product base. Hannah progressed from Office Junior to an NMR Sales Representative, travelling around the UK and liaising with clients to build relationships and develop lucrative leads for the business.....



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