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Medline Scientific Ltd

Medline Scientific Ltd

Medline Scientific Ltd


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All articles from Medline Scientific Ltd

  New range of Single Channel Fixed or Variable Volume Micropipettes from Medline Scientific

Laboratory equipment specialists MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC has introduced a range of micropipettes which are designed to provide optimal ease of use and assure a high level of user comfort during operation, minimising the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)

The Medline micropipetteThe Medline micropipette is manufactured in Germany, is CE-marked for IVD use and factory calibrated to dispense accurately under normal European ambient conditions (20° C, 50% humidity and 101Kpa barometric pressure).  Individual micropipettes are supplied with a calibration and test certificate and they are tested twice and calibrated to conform to EN ISO 8655 and DIN 12650 standards....


  New centrifuge range covers all applications and budgets

A new range of compact, bench-top centrifuges which are ideally suited to most essential applications in life-science laboratories such as haematology, biochemistry, chemistry, biotechnology, have been introduced by laboratory equipment specialists MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC

bench-top centrifuges The models available are designed to suit all applications and budgets and include the important features and benefits of a robust sealed housing, fully programmable microprocessor control, smooth, brushless motors and near silent running. They are also fitted with a lid lock to prevent accidental opening during operation, while the inner bowl is a self-contained unit designed for easy wipe-down and disinfection should a breakage or spillage occur during operation...


  Catalogue features extensive range of Ceti Microscopes Laboratory equipment specialists MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC have recently published a new dedicated CETI MICROPSCOPE catalogue which was launched at ACHEMA 2012.

New Ceti Microscope CatalogueThis new 44 page catalogue features the extensive range of CETI microscopes which are designed to suit all budgets and most popular applications.  The range includes models for simple educational applications through to more sophisticated models for research and clinical tasks.  Important new models include the LED powered Stereo microscopes, such as the STAR24LED, Steddy LED and the Varizoom.  These offer variable top and bottom LED lighting as standard to ensure that the sample can be viewed without suffering any thermal damage over a prolonged viewing time...


  EPI Fluorescence Microscope Features Led Lighting Medline MagnumEF LEDThe established range of MAGNUM trinocular microscopes for epi-fluorescence has been expanded following the introduction of a new model which features an LED light source, as opposed to the traditional mercury HBO bulb. Available from laboratory equipment specialists MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC this new LED light source option ensures instant ‘power-up’ and ‘switch-off’ without the need for a cooling down period between fluorescence viewing sessions. Also, the lifespan of the LED bulb is significantly increased from that of a standard HBO bulb, from 300 hours to around 30,000 hours...


  Shaken or Stirred - Medline has it covered Medline ShakersShakers are an essential piece of equipment for many life-science and lab applications and laboratory equipment specialists MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC has introduced its extensive JEIOTECH range which covers just about every shaking application. The range includes options which are ideal for the infrequent user requiring only a gentle shaking motion, through to models for continual usage where large numbers and or an aggressive shaking motion is needed...


  M40 Transport Swabs Provide Outstanding Sample Protection M40 transport swab A new M40 transport swab that is designed to provide exceptional performance capability with the most diverse range of fastidious aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, including Bacteroides Fragilis ATCC DSM 15130 and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa ATCC BAA-427, has been introduced by laboratory equipment and supply specialists MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC...



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