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Biopharma Process Systems

Biopharma Process Systems

Biopharma Process Systems


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All articles from Biopharma Process Systems

  Freeze-Drying Microscope Generates Critical Formulation Specific Data

SP Scientific has video interviewed Dr Kevin Ward of Biopharma Process Systems Ltd, to discuss the key benefits of the Lyostat5 Freeze-Drying Microscope (FDM), and how it can be used to generate critical formulation-specific data. Every freeze-drying formulation has a critical temperature, below which it should be maintained during primary drying in order to prevent processing defects....


  Evaporation Technologies for Parallel Chemistry

In parallel chemistry, cross contamination is always a key concern. Genevac evaporators have been designed from the outset to withstand the rigors of working in the chemistry laboratory and to be resistant to the most common solvents and acids used.

SampleGuardThe unique Dri-Pure anti-bumping system prevents cross contamination by preventing solvent bumping. With pre-programmed monitoring methods, and automatic stop systems, this frees someone up to perform other functions, increasing not just productivity but performance and results....


  Free Guide to Solvent Evaporation

Biopharma Process Systems has written a free guide which provides a grounding in the science, tips on avoiding common evaporation mistakes, and a look at the latest developments in evaporation technology.

Genevac-RangebiophamaSolvent removal by evaporation is an essential process for sample preparation. Many sample formats and solvents are used with no single technique providing a universal solutions. Despite the variety if specifics evaporation is well-understood and relatively uncomplicated. But while it’s vital to so many applications it’s rare to find an evaporation expert in a laboratory, and many facilities use systems that are slow and cumbersome simply because they have always been used....


  Five questions to ask when sourcing a laboratory freeze dryer


To make sure you get the right system make sure you’ve considered these questions...

Freeze dryers can be  complicated pieces of specialised equipment, with controlled heating, cooling and vacuum interacting with each other to provide the best drying conditions. They are used for many different types of product and there are therefore a variety of different types of system with hundreds of options to enable them to suit the requirements of different industries and applications.


  Genevac Names New UK Distributor

Solvent evaporation specialists Genevac have named BPS (Biopharma Process Systems) as their new UK distributor.

The range of Genevac solvent evaporation productsGenevac, part of SP Scientific, has established itself as an industry leader by partnering with customers to understand the obstacles involved in using centrifugal evaporation/concentration systems. This partnership has led to the development of a range of innovations to meet solvent evaporation challenges and to simplify the work of scientists. For example, anti-bumping technologies prevent cross-contamination while auto-stop systems enable researchers to walk away from the machine while in use without worrying about over-processing....


  Simple, fast laboratory extrusion

Liposofast extruders are simple devices for the creation of unilamellar populations of liposomes.

Avestin C5 homogeniserExtrusion is a simple process to produce liposomes of a particular size. A multilamellar sample is forced repeatedly through polycarbonate filters with a defined pore size.  Extrusion is a simple and nondamaging method of ensuring a homogenous sample. It is a gentle process which does not require addition of any solvents and only moderate pressures and takes only a few minutes to complete....


  High Pressure Homogenisers and Extruders

Biopharma Process Systems (BPS) is pleased to be representing Avestin Liposome Extruders and High Pressure Homogenisers within the UK and Ireland

Avestin_C5_homogeniserAvestin is the leading manufacturer of high pressure homogenizers suitable for high-pressure applications such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Founded in 1991, Avestin’s focus on quality of engineering and design led to the development of a unique design that eliminates all o-rings and gaskets in the product path. This means less risk of contamination, easier cleaning and no risk of leakage. All face seals are precision-machined metal-to-metal or metal-to-ceramic for optimal durability and efficiency....


  Turn your Vacuum Concentrator into a Freeze Dryer Biopharma Process SystemsNew accessories available for the miVac range of vacuum concentrator allow it to also be used as a miniature freeze drier, ideal for small laboratory tasks. miVac is a range of vacuum concentrators capable of removing water and organic solvents from a range of samples. One of the most innovative accessories available for this range is the SpeedTrap cold trap which increases the speed of the concentration process by efficiently trapping evaporated solvent...


  Guide to Specifying a Freeze Dryer Biopharma Process SystemsLooking to buy a new freeze dryer? This short article introduces some of the main points and considerations when specifying freeze drying equipment.


  Specifying a Freeze Dryer Biopharma Process SystemsFreeze drying experts BPS provide a short introduction to some of the key factors that should be considered when looking to purchase a new freeze dryer.



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