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Cerno Bioscience

Cerno Bioscience

Cerno Bioscience


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All articles from Cerno Bioscience

  New Tool for Large Molecule Analysis

Cerno will be introducing a groundbreaking new software product for large molecule analysis with Mass Spectrometry. Using an entirely new approach for analyzing any large molecule including peptides, oligos, and proteins, SAMMI, for Spectrally Accurate Modeling of Multiply charged Ions uses a direct analytical model based on first principles. It will analyze each and every ion of a Multiply-charged molecule to provide not only the neutral mass, but also the abundance distribution across all the charge states....


  Webinar: Re-imagining GC/MS Qual and SemiQuant

Tired of the slow and tedious process of identifying non-target compounds and/or setting up semi-quantitative analysis for those compounds?  Imagine a system that provides superior identification by combining Library Search, Retention Index (RI), and Accurate Mass to confidently ID unknowns.  Imagine a system that does so automatically, without the need for tedious standards and visually highlights correct identifications among a long list of possible matches...


  Accurate Quantitation of Complex Labeled Compounds by LC/MS

Cerno Bioscience, in collaboration with XenoBiotic Labs*, has recently published an article in the peer reviewed journal "Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry" which demonstrates reliable and accurate quantitation of both cold and hot labeled compounds down to 0.5%. This robust method was tested on both simple and complex systems containing as many as 6 separate labeling sites and is capable of quantifying from...


  Cerno Bioscience Releases Latest Version of Its Mass Spec Software

Cerno Bioscience has announced that it has released the first shipments of its innovative mass spec calibration and analysis software, MassWorks Version 5.0. 

cernoThe software boasts a host of new features and improvements that extend the versatility of the software including integration with NIST GC/MS library search and formula look-up as well as ChemSpider formula look-up to assist in identifying unknown compounds....


  Cerno Bioscience Announces Most Significant Upgrade of MassWorks Software Product

Cerno Bioscience has today announced a new version of its flagship MassWorks software product.

Mass Works Screen ShotMore than any previous improvements and enhancements, the new Version 4 adds DirectRead™ data support for three high resolution MS systems: Thermo Orbitrap or FT ICR MS, Agilent TOF, and Waters TOF, while expanding unit mass resolution direct support to Agilent MassHunter and Advion CMS. For the first time, MassWorks now enables elemental composition determination in the absence of an observable monoisotope peak or in the presence of larger-than-usual mass errors. In addition, a fully automated calibration feature, AutoCal™, is now available for out-of-box accurate mass analysis with GC/MS...


  Cerno Bioscience Introduces MassWorks AutoID for Fully Automated Quadrupole MS Formula Determination Cerno logoCerno Bioscience have announced the successful test installation and operation of a new software product, MassWorks AutoIDTM, at a major pharmaceutical company near Boston, MA. By automating the patented MassWorks calibration and formula ID process on the widely available quadrupole MS systems, AutoID makes the 100x improvement in mass accuracy and the unparallel Spectral Accuracy available seamlessly and at all times. With both accurate mass and high Spectral Accuracy, AutoID allows any user to either confirm a given formula or propose possible formulas in a fully automated fashion without any human intervention or manual operation.


  Cerno Bioscience Announces Spectral Accuracy is a Proven Companion Concept to Mass Accuracy for Mass Spectrometry Cerno Bioscience Cerno Bioscience today announces that spectral accuracy is a proven companion concept for mass spectrometry (MS). Spectral accuracy, a companion concept to the better known mass accuracy, which enables new capabilities for MS that were previously thought unfeasible, includes elemental composition determination (formula ID) with even a single quadrupole GC/MS or LC/MS and the elimination of up to 99% of incorrect formulas on high resolution MS systems through mass accuracy alone.



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