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All articles from Wheaton Science Products

  New WHEATON® CompletePAK combines vials, stoppers, and seals in kits fit for use in cleanrooms

DWK Life Sciences, the world’s largest manufacturer of precision labware, introduces WHEATON® CompletePAK, a customizable collection of commonly used vials, stoppers and seals that are shipped sterile and delivered ready-to-use with USP certifications for traceability. Designed for use in drug discovery, small-batch drug packaging and compound pharmacy operations, CompletePAK products are packed for safe entry into cleanrooms and rapid integration with existing sterile workflows


  WHEATON Acquired by One Equity Partners

Acquisition will combine two of the world’s leading brands in laboratory consumables

wheatonWHEATON, a premium provider of laboratory glassware and consumables, announced today it has been acquired by Duran Group, a portfolio company of funds advised by One Equity Partners Capital Advisors L.P. (OEP). The transaction brings together two well-known and respected brands with strong reputations for quality and innovations serving the life science and healthcare markets, each with track records extending back to their founding...


  WHEATON Presents MicroLiter Certified Clean Vials to the European Market

The European market is set to benefit from WHEATON’s recently introduced MicroLiter Certified Clean Vials, designed to allow more reliable transfer of samples from the prep lab to the autosampler.

wheatonCritical physical dimensions and chemical cleanliness are fully tested to ensure that no trace residues are present, with each vial cleaned and packaged in a certified Class 10,000 cleanroom using a process developed to eliminate vial-associated errors. Closures are supplied in sealed containers, and closure and septa cleanliness can be maintained using the unique MicroLiter Closure Dispenser to reduce handling. All vials have been checked for...


  Wheaton to Commercialize Breakthrough Technology Providing Plastic Components with Pure Glass Interiors

WHEATON® announced that it will begin offering an innovative, breakthrough technology that allows for the manufacture of plastic exterior components with complete interior coverage of pure glass.

wheaton“This breakthrough will allow us to provide products that have the best of both worlds: the lightweight, break resistant properties of plastic with the barrier qualities and inert inner surface of pure glass,” said Wayne Brinster, president and CEO of WHEATON®. “For 126 years Wheaton has been an innovator in glass as well as plastic for laboratories. Customers look to us to solve their needs and this technology will allow us to develop purpose built products that blend the features of both glass and plastic into a single innovative solution....


  High-Throughput Chromatography

Wheaton Advertisement

New from WHEATON - MicroLiter Plate Sampling System™

When it comes to high-throughput chromatography, MicroLiter provides the right solution for your work flow. The patented MicroLiter Plate Sampling System™ combines the right microplates, glass inserts, μLmat™ and /or caps with chromatography-based septa to provide secure vessels for even the most volatile of samples...


  WHEATON in collaboration with CryoXtract

WHEATON® and CryoXtract™ Announce Global Co-Marketing Agreement to Offer Optimal Solutions for Storing and Accessing Frozen Biosamples and Improving Scientific Outcomes

5ml CryoElite Tissue Vial

The companies will co-market WHEATON’s new CryoELITE® Tissue Vial solution for frozen tissue samples and CryoXtract’s recently introduced CXT350 platform, which provides access to valuable frozen tissue and biofluid samples. WHEATON, a global leader in biosample storage solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic and specialty pharmaceuticals industries, reached a non-exclusive global co-marketing agreement with CryoXtract Instruments, LLC, that will provide the scientific community with a totally unique set of solutions for the optimal storage, preservation and access of valuable frozen tissue samples...


  A vial that changes how things are done

WHEATON® Introduces CryoELITE® for Secure Storage of Biological Tissues. Specialty containers designed to store and ship tissue samples in cryogenic conditions.

WHEATON Tissue VialWHEATON® CryoELITE® Tissue Vials were designed for the safe, secure and effective cryopreservation of biological tissue specimens.  Different from cells and biofluids, tissue biospecimens have particular requirements for cryogenic storage. Offering researchers a uniform vial able to maintain sample integrity while maximizing storage capacity and organization, the WHEATON CryoELITE Tissue Vials feature a wide-mouth opening, 5mL capacity and high integrity closure. The CryoELITE Tissue Vial offers researchers who work with biological tissue sections ease of use, convenience and security.  When your decision depends on sample integrity…Trust that specimen to a WHEATON CryoELITE Tissue Vial...


  New Calibrex bottle top dispensers offer reliable performance for a wide range of reagents, solutions and chemicals

A new generation of safe and reproducible liquid distribution from WHEATON®

Calibrex Bottle top DispensersWHEATON® introduces the Calibrex™ organo 525 and the Calibrex™ solutae 530, new bottle top dispensers that are destined to make scientists’ lives easier and more productive. Both models smoothly dispense exact volumes of liquid reagents directly from bottle or flask. The dispensers are available exclusively in North America from WHEATON®, the company that designs and delivers today’s most innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic packaging and specialty pharmaceuticals industries...


  WHEATON has a solution for optimizing CHO cells

WHEATON® Offers a Turnkey Solution for CHO Cell Bioproduction

Ivrine BalanCD CHO Bioreactor

WHEATON® CELLineTM Bioreactor combined with an optimized CHO medium formulation by Irvine Scientific expedites small-scale antibody and protein production.  WHEATON® and Irvine Scientific have collaborated to introduce a high yield, small-scale solution for bioproduction. The solution consists of a WHEATON® CELLine™ bioreactor flask paired with Irvine Scientific’s BalanCD™ CHO Growth A animal component-free, chemically-defined medium....


  WHEATON introduces its CryoELITE 0.5mL Vials for preserving and shipping small volume samples

Designed to securely store and ship biological samples at very low temperatures

CryoELITE 0.5mL VialsWith the increased demand for personalized medicine, the growth in the cryopreservation of biological samples has increased dramatically in recent years and continues today. This increase has created the need for secure, reliable and cryogenically certified vials to provide safe, long-term storage and secure shipping of samples. In response to this demand, WHEATON introduces its CryoELITE® 0.5mL Vials for preserving and shipping small volume samples....


  WHEATON Acquires Chromatography Vial Supply Company, MicroLiter

A specialty brand joins forces with an established industry leader resulting in an expanding product line and support services for the global HPLC market

WheatonWHEATON announced that it has acquired MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, Inc., of Suwanee, GA, a leading supplier of pre-cleaned chromatography sample vials and accessories for use with autosamplers. Founded in 1996 to provide high-quality consumable products to the autosampler market, MicroLiter is recognized for its focus on supplying pre-cleaned, sample containment products processed in Class 10,000 cleanroom facilities. Its product line includes 12x32mm glass autosampler vials, inserts, septa and closures, and the MicroLiter Plate Sampling System...


  WHEATON Announces Acquisition of CELLine WHEATON Industries has acquired the CELLine Bioreactor Flask Line for Antibody and Protein Production from Wilson Wolf Manufacturing Corporation

WheatonWHEATON has acquired the CELLine dual membrane, cell culture flasks from Wilson Wolf Manufacturing Corporation.  WHEATON has also entered into a long term strategic partnership with Wilson Wolf Manufacturing Corporation for further product development in high density cell culture devices for the production of concentrated, cell secreted products...



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