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The NanoScan OP400 objective positioner - for high speed, high accuracy, repeatable Z stacking

publication date: Sep 19, 2019
author/source: Prior Scientific Instruments


Prior Scientific is proud to announce the release of the NanoScan OP400, a piezo based objective scanner.

Prior Scientific acquired Queensgate in 2018 and the NanoScan OP400 combines Prior’s expertise in delivering microscopy solutions with Queensgate’s market leading nanopositioning technology.

The NanoScan OP400 provides the fastest step and settle time of any objective positioner available. Its market leading positioning accuracy and resolution originates from its unique mechanical design and integral capacitive feedback sensors. The OP400 is compatible with most microscopes and objective lenses, has a range of optimized settings for different objective sizes, weights, and performance needs - the user simply selects the best setting for their application. The NanoScan OP400 is designed to deliver market leading positioning with the fastest step settle and recovery time between Z stacks providing enhanced time resolution.

Coupled with the Queensgate NPC-D-6110 digital controller the system is easy to use and quick to set up using standard 0-10V analogue input and output. The digital control technology allows unparalleled control of stage movement with variable acceleration/ deceleration algorithms which improves step settle time by reducing overshoot and prevent stage ringing.

The enhanced features of the NPC-D-6110 digital controller allows the user to configure constant velocity ramps, using digital trigger outputs at user-defined absolute positions and control external equipment such as cameras, offering unparalleled acquisition rates.

“This system is easy to setup and use to get good data quickly where every image counts”, stated Alison Raby the Global Business Development Manager - Queensgate at Prior Scientific.

The system can be used as a standalone objective positioner or can be interfaced with other Prior products via Prior’s ProScanTMIII controller.

For more information, please visit:?


more on NanoScan OP400


Prior Scientific’s Queensgate Instruments Brand

Founded in 1979, Queensgate Instruments was a ‘spin out’ from a ground-breaking research program at Imperial College, London. The company is known for defining the levels of accuracy required, and for defining terms used in describing the performance of nanopositioning systems. Queensgate’s early research and product developments showed the world it could play a huge part in the development of industries, including biotechnology, medicine, astronomy, aerospace, semi-conductors, mass computer storage devices and optics. In 2018 the company was brought by Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd, a global leader in thedevelopment of precision motion, automation and optical systems, sub-systems and components.

Offering a wide range of nanopositioning products that includes sensors, stages, control electronics and software, Queensgate also offers OEM solutions to help our customers with the most challenging of problems they face. Our team of engineers based in Cambridge, UK and our manufacturing facility in Paighton, both ISO 9001:2015 certified, help create the next generation of global nanopositioning products.


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