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Introducing Revolution from Echo - The Automated Microscope for Life Science Research

publication date: Jul 15, 2021
author/source: Echo


Finally, an Automated Microscope that your entire lab can use

Microscopes are very powerful tools, essential for research and discovery. However, most advanced systems on the market today are overly complicated and highly application specific. Revolution can accommodate a variety of core imaging techniques. Its unique, automated hybrid design provides you with more capability than any other widefield microscope.


A simple, powerful interface, eliminates your learning curve

View and capture your samples in seconds. Our touch-based app eliminates learning curve, making your microscopy easier than ever.

Excess controllers, cables, and power supplies are removed

Cables, controllers, and power supplies are housed within the microscope to remove clutter and ensure connectivity.

Microscope XY stage and Z-Focus are driven with touch, mouse, and joystick (optional).

Superior Optical Performance

Observe your samples with unparalled clarity using Revolution’s world class optical components, viewed on an Ultra High-Resolution display.

Advanced Capabilities Built for Discovery

Automated | Brightfield | Fluorescence | Phase Contrast


  • Live Cell Imaging - View and capture live samples with automated time-lapse microscopy.
  • Stage Top Incubator - Ensures optimal conditions for maintaining specimen viability.
  • Multi-Channel - Capture and overlay multiple wavelengths in Fluorescence.
  • Multi-Point - Set multiple acquisition points to view and revisit over time.
  • Image - StitchingCapture and stitch to form large FOV high resolution images.
  • Z - Stack - Acquire and stack images at multiple focal planes.
  • Auto Focus- Automatically find and track best Z-plane(s) for focus.
  • Hyperscan - High-speed image stitching.


HYPERSCAN | High-Speed Image Stitching

Hyperscan enables ultra fast scanning and mosaic image stitching at high-speed camera frame rates in Brightfield and Fluorescence.

Revolution synchronizes brushless linear servo motors with camera triggering for high-speed continuous scanning.

Scan your entire samples in seconds, then revisit areas of interest.


Video - Discover Echo



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