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Aptamer and PinotBio collaborate to develop new therapeutic drug conjugates

publication date: Jun 10, 2021
author/source: Aptamer Group Limited



Aptamer Group Limited, the developer of Optimer™ Therapeutics, and PinotBio (Gyeonggi-do, Korea), a clinical-stage oncology-focused biotechnology company, have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement.

The agreement is to develop Optimer-drug conjugates for targeted drug delivery combining Aptamer Group’s Optimer technology with PinotBio’s technology using the chemotherapeutic FL-118 compound with specific linker.

Optimer therapeutics are optimized aptamer solutions. Optimer-drug conjugates offer uniquely specific targeting vehicles for the delivery of therapeutic agents to selected cell populations and tissues for the treatment of disease.

PinotBio's FL-118 payload system is a novel camptothecin based payload to be used in various carrier-drug conjugates, including Optimer-drug conjugates. FL-118 shows strong anti-cancer effects against various tumor models and at the same time possesses good safety profiles to be developed as a part of the multi-target collaboration. Aptamer will provide the developed Optimers to Pinotbio for use with their payload and linker technologies. PinotBio will generate and optimize Optimer-drug conjugates against multiple undisclosed targets. PinotBio will carry out pre-clinical research and development to evaluate each of the Optimer-drug conjugates and their potential to progress as clinical candidates for the treatment of haematological cancers, such as leukaemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.

The commercial terms of the agreement are not disclosed.


Dr Arron Tolley, Chief Executive Officer of Aptamer Group, commented:

I am very excited to have established this collaboration with PinotBio. The development of drug conjugates that combine the benefits of Optimer binders to selectively and efficiently target PinotBio’s novel linker delivery system to the tumour site for activation and therapeutic delivery represents the next evolution in drug delivery technology. We are looking forward to working with the team at PinotBio and believe this collaboration has the potential to develop much-needed improved oncological treatments.

Dr Doo Young Jung, Chief Executive Officer of PinotBio, also commented:

I am very excited to begin this collaboration with Aptamer Group Limited. This field of targeted delivery of anti-cancer compounds is fast growing and at the same time fast changing. Combining 3 things, right target, right vehicle, and right payload is equally important. I believe that through this collaboration, we can combine the right vehicle and payload to result in novel drug candidates with a potential to change the cancer treatment landscape.


About Aptamer Group

Aptamer Group is a world-leading provider of Optimer™ reagents for use in research, diagnostics and therapeutics. The Company strives to deliver transformational solutions, that meet the needs of researchers and developers across the life sciences through the use of its proprietary Optimer technology.

Optimers are next-generation aptamer molecules derived from nucleic acids that function as an antibody alternative. Despite many well-recognised problems with antibodies, the global antibody market is currently worth over $130Bn. Optimers are engineered to address many of the issues found with alternative affinity molecules, such as antibodies, and offer new, innovative solutions to bioprocessing, diagnostic and pharmaceutical scientists.

At Aptamer Group, we have successfully delivered projects for global pharma companies, diagnostic development companies, and research institutes covering a range of targets and applications with the objective of establishing royalty-bearing licenses. Through our unique technology and processes, we enable scientists and collaborators to make faster, more informed decisions that support discovery and development across the Life Sciences.




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