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High Throughput ChIP-seq Assay for Genome-wide Protein-DNA Analysis

publication date: May 22, 2015
author/source: Porvair Sciences Limited

Chromatrap®, a business unit of Porvair Sciences, has published a new application note that describes how Chromatrap® ChIP-seq assays now enable unbiased, genome-wide understanding of protein-DNA regulatory networks. 

porvair chemistGenome-wide mapping of protein-DNA interactions is essential for a complete understanding of gene regulation. A detailed map of epigenetic marks and transcription factor binding is necessary for deducing the regulatory networks that underpin gene expression in a variety of biological systems. The most widely used tool for examining these interactions is ChIP followed by massively parallel sequencing (ChIP-seq). 

The new application note reports on how the Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit when used with Illumina ChIP-seq library preparation kits and sequencing platforms is able to deliver high-quality DNA for sequencing. Due to Chromatrap®'s unique solid-phase matrix and the option of a 96 well plate for assays, sample throughput and reproducibility is increased owing to smaller sample volumes, centrifugal wash-steps and a matrix that does not require blocking. 

Compatible with direct, deep sequencing of enriched fragments, Chromatrap® ChIP-seq assays is shown to enable unbiased, genome-wide understanding of protein-DNA regulatory networks. Excitingly the inert solid-support matrix enables reproducible capture and genome-wide amplification of landmark regulatory complexes from low amounts of input chromatin. Further the results demonstrate how Chromatrap® ChIP-seq can be used to further understand the genome wide binding patterns of estrogen receptor in the human endometrium; demonstrating the utility of fast, multiplex analysis by massively parallel next-generation sequencing.

The Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit provides a quicker, more efficient alternative to traditional bead-based ChIP assays. ChIP sample processing time is reduced to just 5 hours using up to 500,000 cells per IP. The spin-column technology allows for centrifugation at each wash step, improving efficiency and minimising handling errors often associated with magnetic beads. Throughput can also be increased with the availability of a 96-well plate format for users processing high-volume samples or antibody targets. Chromatrap® is a business unit of Porvair Sciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc.

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