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Free Guide ‘Recycling Your Used Cuvettes with HACH LANGE'

publication date: Feb 15, 2010
author/source: Hach Lange Ltd

Recycling picture 1.jpgWe provide a quick and easy way to dispose of your used cuvettes. From standard to high volume service. We also provide an emergency service for when speed is of the essence. 

3 Easy Steps to Recycle Your Used Reagents with HACH LANGE  

1. Contact HACH LANGE Recycling on 0161 872 1487 or go to and click   on the recycling logo

2. Download recycling request form, fax or complete online and place order

3. Await pick-up confirmation. 

Recycling is an integral part of the service Hach-Lange offers. We are registered as an official recycling centre. The centre was initiated in 1990 and is located at the company headquarters in Düsseldorf. 

Hach-Lange takes the environmental impact of the reagents it provides very seriously. This is clearly shown in the early establishment of the recycling facility and the considerable investment in its development. 

We are able to recover toxic materials, eg Mercury, Silver and Chromium in the COD reagents  

We ensure that our commitment is to protect the environment (part of our ISO 9000 Q.M. system). 

New technologies which enhance the process are actively sought and implemented if an environmental benefit is found. 

On arrival at the Recycling Centre the reagents pass through a series of goods inwards checks:

  • Incoming cartons are weighed
  • The weight is documented in the waste way-bill
  • The folding boxes are moved to the sorting places
  • The reagents are sorted into four main waste groups:
  1. Cyanide-containing reagents
  2. Acid-containing reagents
  3. Mercurial reagents
  4. AOX-containing reagents 

Packaging materials which pass the quality control are re-used, otherwise they are recycled in external recycling plants. More than 30% of the dispatch cartons are re-used. Blister and cuvettes are separated in a special machine 

The DosiCap®- Bottles and Containers for the online photometers are cleaned and externally recycled 

Each of the recycling services offered by HACH LANGE includes: 

  • Pre-notification of the EA, the carrier and the waste producer within the 3 day collection period
  • Collection and transportation of used reagents with licensed carrier
  • Storage of waste at EA licensed transfer station
  • Documentation of waste by producer and summary statement sent to EA
  • Re-packing waste into UN approved cartons, palletising and storage by licensed staff
  • Preparation of transfrontier shipment paperwork in accordance with EA requirements when   sufficient quantity collected for transfer to recycling centre
  • Transportation to the HACH LANGE European Recycling Centre
  • Paperwork sent to EA
  • Unpacking, sorting, recycling, re-use or treatment of waste
  • Certificate of recycling issued to customer.

For further information please click here

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