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Free Guide “Questions labs should ask to ensure traceability and quality”

Assurance Through Certified Buffers Solutions from HACH LANGEThe importance of traceability in relation to pH and conductivity  

For laboratories concerned by certification or accreditation, the use of certified reference materials traceable to their national standards is extremely important.  

But how can you be sure of the quality and traceability of your pH and conductivity measurements? 

Many manufacturers offer standard solutions, but they do not all have the same degree of traceability.

For example, beware of statements like "NIST Traceable" this often only means that a NIST reference material has been used to calibrate the instrument rather than a full traceability to NIST.

Standards should be delivered with a certificate of conformity and traceability giving details including the batch number of the product and reference material, the certified value and its uncertainty, the length of time for which the certified value is guaranteed and measurement and control procedures.

To help guide you through this potential minefield, Dr Geoff King, Lab Product Manager at HACH LANGE has produced a guide with key questions every laboratory should ask about what is being purchased.  The guide will advise the key questions to ask in the following key areas:

  • Traceability
  • Homogeneity
  • Stability
  • Transport
  • Storage

For a free copy of the Guide "Questions labs should be asking to ensure traceability and quality"', please contact or call 0161 886 9905. 

HACH LANGE manufactures certified pH and conductivity standards to provide you with:

  • Total control of the traceability chain and calculated uncertainties
  • Direct traceability to primary standards and the reference method
  • The competence and integrity of a laboratory internationally recognised to be accredited for the measurement of pH and conductivity reference
  • DKD Accreditation Certificate supplied with EVERY bottle of buffer ISO calibration  

Don't Take Chances with Quality

Our certified standard solutions manufactured by are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity and Traceability and a Verification Certificate.

Our Calibration Laboratory, located in Berlin, is accredited for the calibration of certified pH and conductivity standards by DKD, the German national accreditation authority. This accreditation (No. DKD-K-47901) is recognised in more than 35 countries. All standards are formulated in compliance with NIST, IUPAC and DIN19266 specifications. 

Assurance Through Certified Buffers Solutions from HACH LANGE

  • Ready-to-use, colour coded buffer solutions and buffer powder pillows
  • High quality buffer solutions and buffer powder pillows
  • In 500ml bottles or Individually sealed for 50ml buffer solution
  • For routine analyses in the lab or in the field
  • Buffer traceable to NIST standard reference materials; accuracy ± 0.02 pH (25°C)

For more information on certified standards please click here

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