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ALMSCO International to Showcase TargetView Software for Improved Analysis of Target Compounds in Complex GC/MS Data at PITTCON 2011

ALMSCO International ALMSCO International today announces that it will demonstrate its recently launched TargetViewTM software package at PITTCON 2011. The innovative software has been designed to automate and improve detection and measurement of multiple target chemicals in complex GC/MS data sets. The software will benefit GC/MS users in a range of important fields, including environmental monitoring, food/flavour/fragrance profiling, forensic science and testing chemical emissions from consumer goods. ALMSCO will also highlight its bench-top time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer, BenchTOF-dxTM, with the capability to perform high definition mass spectrometry (HDMS), a cost-effective technique for screening samples at trace levels, offering optimal sensitivity, speed of analyses and selectivity. When combined with Markes International's market-leading systems for thermal desorption (TD), this provides a total solution for analysing ultra-trace level components in complex samples. ALMSCO will exhibit these innovations on booth #1322, 1323 at PITTCON 2011, Atlanta, GA, March 13-March 18, 2011.

While current compound identification methodology is often time consuming and prone to error (false positives/ negatives) even in expert hands, TargetView provides a simpler and more accurate way of identifying which target compounds are present in a sample. In addition to this it provides reliable peak area information to complement and support quantification by conventional GC/MS data handling packages. TargetView can also be used to identify the total number of compounds present in a sample (knowns and unknowns) by library searching.

Unlike alternative complex GC/MS software platforms, TargetView does not require a significant investment of time to become proficient. The interface and reporting format are easy to use with few parameters requiring manual setting and no need for in-depth knowledge in either deconvolution or chemometrics. Furthermore, the software package can process all common GC/MS data formats, thereby lending itself to simple integration with existing laboratory procedures. TargetView also works with chromatograms of worst-case complexity; e.g. with high numbers of analytes of varying concentrations and with high degrees of compound co-elution.

The new software package compares clean, deconvoluted mass spectral data against EI mass spectra in existing libraries (commercial or proprietary) using a sophisticated chemometric process. It can automatically detect hundreds of target compounds in one run and immediately generates a simple customisable report including details such as retention times, quantification ions, peak area values and match coefficients as required.

ALMSCO International will also showcase its bench-top time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer, BenchTOF-dxTM at PITTCON 2011. BenchTOF-dx offers superior full-scan sensitivity at typical GC-quad SIM levels. This high definition mass spectrometer combines speed and resolution with uncompromised spectral quality even at trace concentrations. HDMS is an efficient and cost-effective alternative compound screening technique to high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry. The novel method enables analysts to screen for both known and unknown compounds at much lower levels with a high degree of definition and clarity. Trace compounds can be clearly identified, quantified and differentiated from one another, while also retaining the required attributes of speed and selectivity.

BenchTOF-dx readily integrates with existing gas chromatographs (GCs) and associated data handling / control packages, enabling analysts to screen samples for trace target compounds at much lower levels on a routine basis and with a negligible learning curve.

For further information on TargetView, HDMS or the ALMSCO International range of products, please visit booth #1322, 1323 at Pittcon 2011. Alternatively, please visit, email or phone +44 (0)1443 230935. 

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