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publication date: Oct 16, 2018

20181002_1Antibodies are widely used in pre-clinical research to study proteins and their functions in biological pathways and diseased states.

These tools, with their high specificity and sensitivity, help life science researchers to easily identify proteins of interest at various expression levels. However, a growing number of high-impact studies and publications have shown that not all antibodies are specific; contributing to the increasing amount of irreproducible pre-clinical research (Freedman et al., 2015Baker, 2015Mullane et al., 2015Bradbury & Plückthun, 2015).

The most accepted method for validating antibody specificity is through knockout validation (Uhlen et al., 2016Bordeaux et al., 2014Rhodes & Trimmers, 2008). In knockout validation, antibody specificity is confirmed by testing the antibody on a knockout sample or cell line, which does not express the target protein, alongside a normal (or wild-type) cell line. The target protein is not present in the knockout sample or cell line as the gene encoding the protein is inactivated (or "knocked out") through replacement or disruption of DNA. The data is compared side-by-side and if the antibody is specific there will be no detection in the knockout sample or cell line but specific detection in the normal cell line. has incorporated knockout validation, using CRISPR/Cas9, as part of its standard antibody validation process. The knockout validated seal indicates that an antibody, in addition to being validated in the recommended applications and species, has had its specificity confirmed by knockout validation.

Popular KO Validated Antibodies

Research Area Antibody Applications Reactivity
Cell Biology Anti-AIFM1 Antibody WB, IHC, IF, IP Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-CDK6 Antibody WB, IHC, IF Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-XIAP Antibody WB, IHC, IF Human, Mouse, Rat
Epigenetics Anti-BAZ1B Antibody WB Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-HNRNPA2B1 Antibody WB, IHC, IF Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-SUZ12 Antibody WB, IHC Human, Mouse
Immunology Anti-CAPG Antibody WB, IHC Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-IL18 Antibody WB, IHC Human
Anti-IRF3 Antibody WB, IHC, ChIP Human, Rat
Neuroscience Anti-IDE Antibody WB, IHC, IF Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-GLUL Antibody WB, IHC, IF Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-Vimentin Antibody [VI-10] IP, WB, IHC, ICC Human, Mouse, Rat
Signal Transduction Anti-EIF2AK2 Antibody WB, IHC Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-EGFR Antibody WB, IHC Human, Mouse, Rat
Anti-GNA13 Antibody WB, IHC

Human, Mouse, Rat

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