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The 10th BIOVISION Forum will Focus on Global Health through Customized Approaches

publication date: Dec 1, 2014
author/source: BIOVISION

BIOVISION, the annual life sciences forum organized by the Foundation for the University of Lyon, today announces its 10th edition, which will take place on April 15 and 16, 2015 at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, France. 

biovision logoToday’s health challenges include globalized epidemiological threats from communicable diseases (influenza, AIDS, hepatitis and, more recently, Ebola) plus a host of non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which are considered ‘new pandemics’.

Recent progress in science, medicine and technology highlight the fact that a more personalized approach to disease prevention and treatment could offer very promising possibilities for patients. This is particularly relevant in the field of oncology.

Personalized health care is part of a global patient-centered health process with a focus on the individual patient, plus a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and risks. It also incorporates ethical, socio-economic and organizational principles. Didier Hoch, the chair at BIOVISION, says: “Personalized medicine could lead to a genuine transformation, and perhaps a revolution, in the world of health care, for the benefit of all.”

BIOVISION 2015: promoting the emergence and growth of innovative life sciences and health care businesses - from startups to listed companies

2015 sees the third Catalyzer and Investor Conference. Both initiatives cover the entire innovation value chain, from early stage projects up to listed company status. The objectives are to support key participants and to help them find the best partners and resources.

BIOVISION includes two sessions for presenting innovative projects and bids for funding.

  • ‘Catalyzer Pitch’ - innovative life sciences projects or young start-ups can apply to be selected, prepared for pitching and put in an application for an award. Over 120 projects were submitted in 2013–2014, with 50 finalists showcasing their approach to representatives from academia, industry, civil society and investors
  • Investor Pitch’ - innovative biotech, medtech and e-health companies are invited to apply to seek funding, partners and industry exposure from key representatives and investors. Pre-selected companies will get the chance to pitch to a panel of key European life sciences investors. More than 110 start-ups applied last year. Fifty made it through to the final round. The 2015 selection committee is led by representatives from Novartis Venture Funds and Sofinnova, plus 15 partners from leading European corporate funds

Further workshops will be arranged to cover the funding companies in the life sciences sector to complement the Catalyzer and Investor Conference pitching sessions. To follow the application process and schedules for the BIOVISION Catalyzer and Investor Conference, sign up to the BIOVISION newsletter 

BIOVISION is supported by a range of high-profile public and private partners. The local authorities in Greater Lyon, France’s Rhône département and the Rhône-Alpes region are firmly committed to the development and promotion of life sciences in their areas.


BIOVISION is an international forum devoted to the life sciences. The aim is to discuss forward-looking opportunities and to facilitate collaboration between the various stakeholders, to encourage innovation and ultimately ensure public access to knowledge and solutions. Founded in 1999, BIOVISION is driven by an independent not-for-profit organization, the Foundation for the University of Lyon in France (the Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon.)

The forum has a global reach and brings together a large number of leading figures every year in Lyon. Participants include researchers, policy-makers, investors and entrepreneurs; from startups to multinationals. Together, these multidisciplinary decision-makers reflect on the future advances in life sciences and consult on how to convert discoveries by researchers into practical, innovative solutions with a public health benefit. They directly address business models and funding solutions.

To foster innovation BIOVISION has introduced two themed sessions:

  • The BIOVISION Catalyzer is organized jointly with Lyonbiopôle, a world competitiveness cluster in the field of life sciences, to promote projects originating from public-private partnerships.
  • The BIOVISION Investor Conference is organized jointly with Lyonbiopôle and France Biotech to discuss funding and identify promising start-ups and innovative companies. An online networking platform and on-site meeting areas foster and support these discussions.

BIOVISION also hosts public lectures to raise awareness and engage communities in scientific issues around the health care challenges of tomorrow.

BIOVISION enjoys the support of the Grand Lyon (Greater Lyon), Rhône département and Rhône-Alpes authorities.

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