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All articles from STARLAB (UK) LTD

  Starlab is mixing it up in the laboratory market with its new Vortex Mixer

One and a half years after the successful launch of its redesigned laboratory device, the Starlab Minicentrifuge, the Hamburg-based laboratory products manufacturer is introducing its second product in March 2024. The innovative Starlab Vortex Mixer combines unparalleled design with top performance and user-friendliness. “We are extremely proud to present yet another important product for next-generation laboratory operations. It is designed to make day-to-day lab work even easier and more efficient...


  Increased efficiency in laboratories: Starlab expands its product range with new 1250 µl ErgoOne® E multi-channel pipettes

Starlab International is introducing new models to its ErgoOne E multi-channel pipette series. The latest ErgoOne E multi-channel pipettes with a capacity of up to 1250 µl complement the existing Starlab product portfolio to enable precise and efficient pipetting in laboratories worldwide. The product family now includes five models to cover volumes 0.5 to 1250 µl in either 8 or 12 channels...


  Starlab sustainability drive: Over 3,000 cacti send a clear message for sustainable lab practices

Over 3,000 cacti have been planted in Starlab TipOne racks as a daily reminder to laboratory scientists to put sustainability at the core of their research practices. This is just one result of this year’s Sustainability Weeks organised by laboratory product manufacturer Starlab. The company organised roughly 85 events on the subject of sustainability in October. “This year’s series of events attracted more than 3,500 participants...


  Green knowledge delivered to your door: Starlab is organising a series of international events to promote sustainability in laboratories

Due to the increasing importance of sustainability at universities, clinics and laboratories, laboratory product manufacturer Starlab is expanding its green activities.  This year, the company’s Sustainability Weeks include a total of 87 events, including 56 in the UK, 16 in France, 5 in Italy and 10 in Germany. The company is also offering 5 publicly accessible webinars in different languages. The special attraction of these events is that Starlab is taking its sustainability expertise straight to the labs...



  Aesthetics in research: The Starlab Minicentrifuge wins Instrument Business Outlook’s Bronze Award for Industrial Design

Can a device that is used in the laboratory every day be both functional and visually appealing? The laboratory equipment manufacturer Starlab International addressed this question a year ago when it launched its completely redesigned minicentrifuge. According to the many scientists and laboratory technicians who have since enjoyed the visual appearance and improved usability of the device, the answer to that question is ‘yes...


  Starlab aquires Life Systems Design AG in Switzerland

Starlab is strengthening its core business and continuing its expansion across Central Europe. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of liquid handling laboratory products for the life science industry as well as for academic and commercial research, the company is reaffirming its commitment to regional presence and local customer service. "We are extremely pleased with the acquisition of Life Systems Design. As a distributor, Life Systems Design AG has been an important and long-standing member of the Starlab family," explains Klaus Ambos...


  Keep cool: New Starlab freezer racking provides more order in the laboratory

A tidy workplace is half the battle. For busy scientists in the lab, however, it can be a challenge to keep track of everything. With its stainless-steel freezer racks, Hamburg-based life science company Starlab Group solves this problem - and more than ever. With 23 new models, the labware manufacturer is now expanding its range. After all, a tidy freezer encourages scientists to keep it in such a way that they can find their samples quickly and work more efficiently...


  Scientific content instead of skin care tutorials

Blood samples and urine tests? MRNA or cancer research? Microbe detection in drinking water or PCR tests? Many young women in the UK have virtually no idea what it would be like to work in a laboratory profession as revealed in a survey by laboratory product manufacturer Starlab International. The lack of knowledge of career profiles in science has a severe impact on skills shortage and on many women’s choice of a profession and career opportunities...


  Lab firm

Lab equipment manufacturer Starlab, which is headquarted in Hamburg, has been nominated for ‘Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year’ in the annual Scientists’ Choice Awards, for its TipOne® Sterile Refill System. The refill system has been developed as a plastic-saving, cost-effective alternative to racked sterile tips, while still fulfilling the high standards required by any laboratory for sterile tips and filter tips...


  Rising costs and material shortages pile pressure on UK

The surge in demand brought about by COVID-19 is pushing medical and non-medical laboratories to their limits, the head of a laboratory supplies company has said, with concerns that clinical laboratories have been favoured due to the pandemic. The Starlab Group, a European supplier of laboratory products with a UK division, conducted a survey of more than 200 laboratory employees from the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy and France...



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