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All articles from LAUDA

  Beun de Ronde awarded the Dr. Rudolf Wobser Medal

First LAUDA agency Beun de Ronde is awarded the Dr. Rudolf Wobser Medal. The Dutch laboratory dealer Beun de Ronde B.V., a provider of scientific equipment with an impressive history going back 100 years, has been one of LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG.’s most reliable partners for decades. Since 1958, the two family companies have worked together thoughout. Beun de Ronde was LAUDA’s first agency abroad, meaning it has been at the world market leader’s side almost from the very beginning...


  Temperature Control Technology in the Fight against Covid-19

LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG, LAUDA, the world market leader for constant temperature equipment and systems, has secured a major order for Variocool process thermostats. The German subsidiary of a major global US company in the biopharmaceutical sector has ordered a total of 76 devices, including accessories, for integration in their systems for producing the Covid-19 vaccine. The different models have a cooling capacity of between 2 and 10 kW....


  LAUDA presents Versafreeze ultra-freezers for the safe storage of vaccines and valuable samples

LAUDA, the world market leader in temperature control equipment and systems, is expanding its portfolio with the new LAUDA Versafreeze product line. This consists of high-quality ultra-freezers which have been optimized for the extreme requirements of deep-freeze storage. LAUDA thereby meets the requirements of vaccine producers, pharmaceutical service providers, vaccination centers and universities for the safe storage of temperature-sensitive corona vaccines and valuable medicines, chemical substances or biological samples....


  LAUDA declared as World Market Leader Champion in the field of "Constant Temperature Equipment and Systems for Precise Temperature Generation" for the fifth time

LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG has once again been declared World Market Leader Champion in the field of "Constant Temperature Equipment and Systems for Precise Temperature Generation". This is the fifth award in a row for LAUDA. The family-owned company has been represented in the World Market Leader Index since the survey first started. The well-respected index has been drawn up under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller from the University of St. Gallen since 2015....


  LAUDA extends its portfolio with high-quality stills with the ‘GFL Technology’ quality mark

LAUDA, the world market leader for constant temperature equipment and systems for precise temperature generation, has extended its laboratory technology product range with the LAUDA Puridest stills product line. The devices with the 'GFL Technology' quality mark produce an ultra-pure, low-gas, sterile and pyrogen-free distillate with very low conductivity. Puridest stills are used in bacteriological and medical sample preparation and also in the preparation of cell and tissue cultures.


  World market leader expands its portfolio with reliable shakers with "GFL Technology

The LAUDA Varioshake product line comprises ten shakers in three sizes with five different shaking motions, as well as three shaking incubators in three sizes with a circular motion. Like the new LAUDA Hydro water baths, the Varioshake shakers feature “GFL Technology” and represent the many years of experience and outstanding quality of premium manufacturer GFL Gesellschaft für Labortechnik ...


  New LAUDA Hydro water and shaking water baths up to 100 °C – high quality, intuitive, reliable

LAUDA, the world market leader for constant temperature equipment and systems for precise temperature generation, has extended its laboratory technology product range. The launch of the new LAUDA Hydro waterbath product line, reinforced by the addition of "GFL Technology", means that LAUDA can now offer a considerably extended range of products. In this respect, LAUDA is continuing the tradition of the GFL brand, which has been valued in laboratories for its durability and superior quality for over 50 years...


  New ECO calibration thermostat fulfills the exacting requirements of test laboratories

With the LAUDA ECO REJ 1225 G calibration thermostat, LAUDA has released a piece of constant temperature equipment designed for the specific requirements of test laboratories and customers who perform calibration and adjustment work on a daily basis. The equipment has been specially developed for the precise calibration of thermometers, such as industrial platinum resistance thermometers, temperature probes, thermocouples or electric thermometers...


  The Next Level in Energy-Efficient Temperature Control

LAUDA, the world market leader in precise temperature control, presents a new generation of ultra-modern circulation chillers of the Ultracool series which have been developed with a focus on energy efficiency and in compliance with the European Ecodesign Directive. LAUDA has also set new standards in the digitalization of temperature control processes as a result of the integrated web server, which permits control via mobile devices, as well as the connection to the LAUDA Cloud....


  Industrial Temperature Control at the Highest Level

LAUDA Heating and cooling systems, the plant construction division of the world leader in precise temperature control, specializes in the manufacture of individual solutions based on customer requirements. The temperature control specialist has now designed and manufactured a heat transfer system for a long-standing customer, one of the biggest German chemical companies. This was also quite the exception for the experienced engineers at LAUDA....


  The Leader in Temperature Control

For the fourth time in a row since 2016, LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG has been appointed world market leader in the field of "Constant temperature equipment and systems for precise temperature control". The list of world market leaders is drawn up annually under the direction of the economist Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller from the renowned University of St. Gallen. The WirtschaftsWoche business magazine has been awarding this prize since 2016...


  LAUDA Presents the Brand New Generation of its Integral Process Thermostats

LAUDA, the world market leader for constant temperature equipment and systems for precise temperature control, is steadily expanding its comprehensive portfolio. With the fully redeveloped, future-proof LAUDA Integral product line, the company presents a further milestone in the field of professional temperature control...


  Temperature Control for Energy Storage Systems of the Future

Lauda 350The Max Planck Institute in Magdeburg is carrying out research to develop a future-proof energy storage system. LAUDA is providing the temperature control technology. Germany has set ambitious goals for the energy revolution: The proportion of renewable energy relative to overall energy consumption should be 80 per cent by 2050. With the expansion of wind energy, photovoltaics and other regenerative energy...


  The Perfect Temperature Control in Paris

Last month at the Forum LABO marked the end of a successful trade fair appearance for LAUDA, the world's leading manufacturer of temperature control units and systems. For more than 60 years, the name LAUDA has stood for professional and reliable temperature control in the laboratory. France is one of the most important markets for LAUDA. The family business founded its first subsidiary there in 2005 and has been operating in the neighbouring country with steadily growing success ever since.


  LAUDA Acquires Laboratory Specialist GFL

Lauda aquires GFLWorld market leader strengthens competence in the field of lab temperature contro. LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG has announced the acquisition of GFL Gesellschaft für Labortechnik mbH today. This is the third takeover in total for the world market leader from Lauda-Königshofen. While the previous acquisitions primarily served to open up new business areas in the industrial environment, LAUDA intends to expand...


  LAUDA Excels in Industrials Thermostats for Special Applications in Research and Development

LAUDA Heating and Cooling SystemsLAUDA Heating and Cooling Systems, or HCS for short, is the industrial branch of the constant temperature equipment manufacturer, LAUDA. With more than 60 years of development expertise, the division produces custom-made systems for industrial applications. Heat transfer systems, secondary circuit units or state-of-the-art molten salt systems cover an extensive temperature range from -150 to 550°C. A particularly fascinating aspect is the wide range of applications...


  Ten Years LAUDA China

LAUDA 10 years in china

World market leader for exact temperature control celebrates anniversary in the important Chinese market. After celebrations in Spain (50 years LAUDA Ultracool) and in the USA (ten years LAUDA-Brinkmann) LAUDA celebrates another anniversary. More than ten years ago, on April 8, 2008, the distribution company LAUDA China Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai. This was preceded by a strategy project by the manufacturer of high-quality temperature control...


  LAUDA Starts Cooperation with watttron

Lauda cooperation with watttronLAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG has concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with watttron GmbH from Freital. The cooperation between the world market leader for precise temperature control and the start-up company from Freital near Dresden, which is developing an innovative heating system for use in specific industrial processes, includes the exclusive sale of watttron products in North America and the analytical, biotechnology and laboratory technology industries worldwide...


  50 Years of LAUDA Ultracool

50 Jahre UltracoolGlobal market leader celebrates anniversary in Spain. LAUDA, global market leader in precision temperature control, held a festive gala evening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its Spanish foreign subsidiary LAUDA Ultracool.Specializing in the production of industrial circulation chillers, the company has been a member of the Lauda Group since the start of 2011. Founded on 24 September 1968 in Terrassa, Spain under the name CHAUMECA IBERICA, S.A., the company can look back on an eventful history....


  LAUDA extends range of PRO circulation thermostats

The LAUDA PRO has been inspiring users with specific temperature control requirements since 2016. LAUDA has now extended its PRO portfolio to include two new low temperature circulation thermostats designed for the specific requirements of test benches, reactors, climatic chambers and distillation plants in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, mineral oil, automotive and electrical engineering industry...


  New Corporate Design for LAUDA

laudaLAUDA is a global leader in precision temperature control in medical technology, material testing, bio-technology, laboratories, research and production.

A new corporate design is intended to portray the uncompromising quality and comprehensive expertise of LAUDA all over the world. The company image has been completely overhauled by Munich branding agency Martin et Karczinski adequately to represent LAUDA’s market position...



The thermoelectric circulation thermostat for quality assurance

LAUDA_LOOP_BildThe new, innovative LOOP L 250 thermoelectric circulation thermostat by LAUDA is proving its performance as an elegant all-rounder in quality assurance at VACUUBRAND. VACUUBRAND GMBH & CO. KG, from Wertheim, Germany, manufactures the most comprehensive range of vacuum generation, vacuum measurement and vacuum control products worldwide....



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