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All articles from Micromeritics

  Fully Automated and Controlled Catalyst Screening Units for the Laboratory

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., the world’s leading supplier of high-performance material characterization technologies, helps scientists in catalyst development and screening save time and resources with its Micromeritics Flow Reactor series. The highly advanced modular laboratory screening models Micromeritics FR-50, FR-100, and FR-200 accommodate a wide variety of reactions including but not limited to...


  Low pressure, precision porosity measurements in ultra-microporous range

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in material characterization technologies, enables scientists to generate required data to confidently and efficiently exploit the full potential of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). The Micromeritics 3Flex surface and catalyst characterization system allows for low pressure, precision porosity measurements in the ultra-microporous range, down to a pore size of 0.35 nm....


  New eBook from Freeman Technology addresses the critical issue of powder flow testing for Additive Manufacturing

Freeman Technology, a Micromeritics company and the global leader in powder characterisation technology, has released a new eBook focusing on the application of powder flow testing in Additive Manufacturing (AM). Powders used for AM, or 3D printing, range from metals and polymers through to pharmaceutical formulations....


  Micromeritics to Host a Material Characterization Workshop at Utrecht University

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in material characterization technologies, will deliver a complimentary seminar on the application of gas adsorption techniques to porous materials at the Utrecht University (The Netherlands) on 8th April 2020. Prof. Dr. Petra De Jongh, Chair of Catalysts and Energy Materials at the university’s Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science will join experts from the company to deliver a program covering new trends in physical gas adsorption and chemisorption, as well as the basic principles


  Researchers welcome new solutions to enhance the integrity of catalyst characterization studies

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a leader in material characterization technology, is seeing enthusiastic interest from researchers keen to use the new Micromeritics in-situ Catalyst Characterization System (ICCS) to enhance the integrity of heterogeneous catalyst studies by adding new capabilities to existing reaction screening systems. Standard practice is to remove a catalyst from the reactor and transfer it to a separate system for characterization, following reaction, but this risks...


  Faster, automated Fisher number measurement with the new Micromeritics Sub-Sieve Autosizer II

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in material characterization technology, has launched the new, highly automated Sub-Sieve Autosizer II (SAS II), an instrument that boosts the productivity and accuracy of particle sizing via the air permeability technique, a benchmark in many industries. and substantially improved successor to the renowned Fisher Model 95 SubSieve Sizer (FSSS), it generates ‘Fisher numbers’ which are highly consistent to those of its predecessor...


  Micromeritics introduces the Selective Adsorption Analyzer 8100

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in material characterization technology, has introduced the new Selective Adsorption Analyzer 8100 (SAA-8100), a flexible gas delivery and management system for the precise characterization of adsorbent performance under process relevant conditions. Combining Micromeritics’ widely recognized knowledge of gas adsorption with the tried and tested technology of PID Eng and Tech...


  Freeman Technology Launches a New Website

The new website from Freeman Technology (Tewkesbury, UK), a Micromeritics company and the global leaders in powder characterisation technology, is a clear, easy-to-navigate resource that covers all aspects of powder testing in unrivalled breadth and depth. Showcasing the company’s library of new videos, it includes a wealth of content from animations and online presentations to detailed customer stories and e-books....


  New in situ Catalyst Characterization System Delivers Novel Test Capabilities for Heterogeneous Catalysts

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in material characterization technology, has launched the new in situ Catalyst Characterization System (ICCS) to deliver novel test capabilities for the reliable and industrially representative investigation of catalyst behavior. The new system is the product of the combined expertise of Micromeritics and PID Eng & Tech, a company recently acquired by Micromeritics and renowned for its microreactor and pilot plant technology...


  New Surface Area Reference Materials to Support Exemplary Quality Assurance in Routine Measurements

Micromeritics Instrument Corp., a global leader in surface area measurement, has introduced a new range of secondary standards which makes it easier to demonstrate the highest levels of data integrity when characterizing surface area by gas adsorption. Traceable to either NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) or BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung) standards the new materials are particularly relevant for analysis in highly-regulated environments....


  Micromeritics Instrument Corp. Launches MLC Online Instrument Training eLearning Platform

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of premium products for advanced material characterization, has announced the launch of its Micromeritics Learning Center (MLC) Online Instrument Training eLearning Platform. The Company is currently offering free eLearning courses on...


  Micromeritics Subsidiary Inaugurated in Munich-Unterschleißheim

Micromeritics-Subsidiary-Inaugurated-in-Munich-UnterschleissheimMicromeritics Instrument Corporation has celebrated the opening of its new German subsidiary and European application laboratory "Particle Testing Authority" in Munich-Unterschleissheim in July with invited customers, employees and representatives of local politics. Jeff Sherman, Micromeritics' Vice President Sales and Marketing, and Christoph Böck, First Mayor of Unterschleißheim, inaugurated the new...


  Micromeritics Instrumentation Top Pick for Researchers at Concordia University for High Throughput Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Characterization

Tristar II plusResearchers designing and synthesizing new metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada) are benefiting from high throughput surface area and porosity characterization with a Micromeritics TriStar II Plus automated, three-station gas adsorption system. A key focus for the group is rare earth MOFs with potential for wastewater clean-up and...


  Micromeritics Sells its PoroTechnology Reservoir Evaluation Laboratory Subsidiary to CoreSpec Alliance LLC

MicromeriticsMicromeritics Instrument Corporation today announced it has sold its PoroTechnology Reservoir Evaluation Laboratory subsidiary to CoreSpec Alliance LLC. Terms of the sale were not disclosed. “The MICP testing of reservoir rocks was an attractive business for Micromeritics and we learned some very valuable information during the process...


  Free Powder Flow Seminar in Frankfurt, Germany

Powder-Flow-SeminarFreeman Technology, a Micromeritics company, specialises in systems for measuring the flow properties of powders and has over 15 years’ experience in powder flow and powder characterisation. Expert teams provide comprehensive support alongside the company’s range of products. Systems are installed around the world across a diverse range of industries....


  Particle Testing Authority Opens European Laboratory in Munich, Germany and is Led by Noted Scientist Dr. Torben Sick

particle testingParticle Testing Authority (PTA), a division of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, has announced the opening of its European laboratory in Munich, Germany. The laboratory focuses on material characterization services for fine powders and solid materials. The facility and business will be managed by Dr. Torben Sick who received his doctoral degree in chemistry at the Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich, Germany...


  Micromeritics Names ATS Scientific Inc. Canadian Distributor and Service Provider

Micromeritics Micromeritics Instrument Corporation has announced the appointment of ATS Scientific Inc. as Canadian distributor and service provider for Micromeritics’ full product line with the exception of its line of particle size measurement products. ATS’ products are used in the following industries: Powders, Materials Science and Engineering, Environmental Science, Food and Feed, Mining and Earth Sciences, Pharma/Nutraceuticals, Petroleum and Energy, and Cannabis Testing....


  Micromeritics Releases New Whitepaper Showcasing an Optimal Analytical Toolkit for Powders

powder characterizationMicromeritics Instrument Corporation has announced the release of‘ 'The Definitive Guide to Powder Characterization’ a new whitepaper that showcases the analytical techniques available to optimally support the development and manufacture of commercially successful powder products. Boosted by the acquisition of Freeman Technology Ltd, a global leader in powder testing technology, Micromeritics Inc. now offers an unrivaled toolkit for powder characterization....


  Micromeritics Announces 2019 Instrument Operator Training Schedule

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation has announced it has scheduled 18 training classes as part of its industry-leading “Instrument Operator” continuing education program. The two to three-day training classes are held at Micromeritics Learning Center in Norcross, Georgia and are designed to assist beginners and experienced operators to maximize the potential of their Micromeritics instruments...


  Micromeritics Instrument Corp. Acquires Freeman Technology

Micromeritics Instrument Acquires Freeman TechnologyMicromeritics Instrument Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of premium products for advanced material characterisation, has announced the acquisition of Freeman Technology. Freeman Technology specialises in providing instruments for the measurement of powder flow properties and other behavioural properties of powders...



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