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BioSupply UK Ltd.

BioSupply UK Ltd.

BioSupply UK Ltd.


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All articles from BioSupply UK Ltd.

  BioSupply offers a series of new matrix metalloproteinase assays

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) can be described as a family of enzymes which function in degrading the extracellular matrix proteins. MMPs have critical roles in various processes such as differentiation, proliferation, apoptosis, defence, migration and angiogenesis. BioSupply have introduced a series of new MMP ELISA kits that can be important in detecting many diseases such as arthritis, cancer, atheroma and tissue ulceration....


  New Food Analytics and Safety ELISA assays

The complexity in which a vast number of individuals are affected by many different foods everyday of their lives coupled with the difficulty in diagnosing these unexplained symptoms has made this key topic a rapid emerging area for scientific research....




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