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PCE Instruments UK Ltd

PCE Instruments UK Ltd

PCE Instruments UK Ltd


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All articles from PCE Instruments UK Ltd

  New digital refractometer from PCE Instruments

After adding lots of hand-held refractometers last year, PCE Instruments have recently launched a new tabletop Abbe refractometer, it stands out by its high accuracy (4 decimal places). It measures the refractive index and the sugar content in % Brix, it has 100 memory locations and users can save user profiles and samples. The large (5.6 ") LED touch screen with backlight makes operation easy and the robust case guarantees a long service life. To avoid measurement errors, the meter has a calibration function....


  pH meter model PCE-228 now available with lots of additional probes

pH meter PCE-228SLURIn laboratories as well as in the industrial sector, a pH meter is often required to measure the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions. The hydrogen-ion activity is indicative of a solution’s acidity or alkalinity, which is expressed as pH. The right pH electrode must be selected carefully in line with the measured medium as it will be directly in contact with it. The PCE-228 has been part of PCE Instruments’ product range for many years now, with several extra probes apart from the pH probe....


  PCE Instruments launch a new moisture meter - PCE-MA 50X

For lots of materials, the moisture content is very important to know before processing them. Moisture balances are a special type of scales mainly used in laboratories in the industrial sector. These are commonly used for commercial purposes. The moisture can be determined very quickly and at high accuracy. PCE Instruments recently launched a new moisture meter of this type – the PCE-MA 50X. This moisture analyzer is ready to use directly after assembly and uses a measuring principle that does not require a characteristic curve....


  New ISFET pH meter PCE-ISFET

The glass free electrode makes it particularly safe to use in food production as no glass splinters can get into the food if the electrode breaks. Unlike glass pH electrodes, ISFET pH sensors are highly resilient and do not require wet storage. They give reliable results under tough conditions. The PCE-ISFET pH tester’s highly sensitive electronics can achieve a resolution and accuracy of 0.005 pH, at a measurement range of 0.00 ... 16.00 pH.


  PCE Instruments increased range of particle counters

Particle Counter PCE-PCO 2 To satisfy the increasing demand for low-cost particle counters for various applications, PCE Instruments recently added the PCE-PCO 2 – as an addition to the existing PCE-PCO1 - as well as the very affordable PCE-RCM 10 and PCE-MPC 10 particle counters to their range of products. The models offered before these new dust meters have been launched are highly professional, high-end devices with lots of functions and a wide range of measurable particle sizes which are still very popular.


  PCE Instruments increase their range of viscometers by PCE-RVI 4

In late October 2015, PCE launched their new viscometer which is available in two versions: the PCE-RVI 4 VP20 with a rotational speed of 20 rpm and the PCE-RVI 4 VP60 with a rotational speed of 60 rpm.

 Viscometer PCE-RVI 4 VP20 / PCE-RVI 4 VP60

The portable stand viscometer was especially designed for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for the food and the cosmetics sector and for paint manufacturing, but also for other sectors. The PCE-RVI 4 works with the Brookfield method and is suitable for continuous use for 24 … 30 hours. The LC display can indicate the revolutions, the measuring system, the viscosity, the percentage and the battery status.



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