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BioVision Inc

BioVision Inc

BioVision Inc


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  Studying Exosome has never been so user friendly!

biovisionIntroducing New Exosome Products from Biovision!

BioVision is happy to offer Exosome Research Tools for your Research Needs!

  • Exosome Quantification Kits (ExoQuantTM)
  • Exosome Isolation Tools (ExoPureTM)
  • Exosome DNA/RNA Extraction Kits (ExoDNATM/ExoRNATM)
  • Exosome Standards (ExoStdTM)
  • Exosomal Antibodies (ExoAbTM)


  BIOVISION Announces the Winners of the Catalyzer and Investor Conference Awards

This year’s focus was on finance and innovation

/biovision logo.The businesses who took part sought over EUR 230 million in funding and met a range of high-level industry representatives and investors. As a part of France-China 50, the Forum attracted high-level experts and introduced a new series of open sessions for the general public...


  Secure Maximum Protein Stability with BioVision

Proteins are seldom stable outside of their native environments and tend to lose activity due to proteolysis, aggregation, etc. To counter this phenomenon and increase their shelf life, different compounds are routinely used as additives.

biovision.This problem however is even more pronounced in dilute protein solutions which need the additional support of carrier proteins to help them survive the non-native storage conditions. The most commonly used carrier protein is purified Bovine serum Albumin (BSA). However, different experimental requirements warrant the use of alternative carrier proteins....


  Biovision Speakers will Debate Economic and Business Challenges in the Life Sciences Market

Biovision, the annual forum devoted to future-oriented research in life sciences, today announces its program to bring a new level of awareness to the economic and business challenges faced by the life sciences industry.

biovision logoThis year the emphasis is on the need to further invest in new technologies to reach the growth potential that lies in disruptive innovation. The opening session kicks off with James Barlow, chair of technology and innovation management at Imperial College London. He focuses on the adoption, implementation and sustainability of innovation in healthcare systems. The session will then feature Robert-Jan Smits, general director of DG Research and Innovation at the European Commission, alongside other high profile delegates...


  BioVision Introduces Two New Assay Kits: Lipolysis Colorimetric & PicoProbe Lipolysis Fluorometric Assay Kits

BioVision is delighted to introduce two new assay kits: Lipolysis (3T3-L1) Colorimetric & PicoProbe™ Lipolysis (3T3-L1) Fluorometric Assay Kits. These kits are the most sensitive lipolysis assay kits on the market!

BioVisionLipolysis is the hydrolysis of triglycerides within the cell into glycerol and free fatty acids. The glycerol and free fatty acids are then released into the bloodstream or culture media. Lipolysis occurs in essentially all cells, but is most abundant in white and brown adipose tissue. Deficiencies in lipolysis lead to increased intracellular lipid accumulation, resulting in abnormal cellular physiology, hyperlipidemia, and insulin resistanc



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