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The Native Antigen Company

The Native Antigen Company

The Native Antigen Company


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All articles from The Native Antigen Company

  The Native Antigen Company Signs Distribution Agreement with BIOZOL and Shanghai Bioleaf

The Native Antigen Company, one of the world’s leading suppliers of reagents that enable research into vaccine development and diagnostics for emerging and endemic infectious diseases, announced today that it has appointed BIOZOL and Shanghai Bioleaf to distribute its high-quality products in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and China, respectively.....


  The Native Antigen Company Launches new Zika Immunoassays with Unprecedented Specificity and Sensitivity

The Native Antigen Company has launched a series of ground-breaking immunoassays for Zika virus, offering researchers in academia, public health and drug discovery the capability to work with unprecedented levels of specificity and sensitivity. Unlike previous methods, the new assays have little or no cross-reactivity with other flaviviruses, including Dengue, West Nile, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Tick-Borne Encephalitis and Usutu virus...


  The Native Antigen Company Expands into New Development and Production Facilities and Introduces New Services

The Native Antigen Company (NAC) announce that it has relocated into larger facilities, in Oxfordshire, UK

the Native AntigenThe new building has purpose-built laboratories and doubles the Company’s manufacturing capacity. This will increase the speed of new product development within NAC’s core business of infectious disease antigens and antibodies. The new laboratory space also enables NAC to add custom immunoassays to its offering to support customer’s ELISA assay and lateral flow device requirements....




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