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All articles from Eikonix

  Gel Documentation just got better

When you need a gel imaging system which will enable you to capture images of DNA gels, protein gels and western blots you could be faced having to invest in an expensive system if you are looking for versatility and performance.

With an Omega Lum G Gel Documentation system that is no longer the case.

What will surprise most people is the incredible low cost for such a high specification system. The Omega Lum G is the ideal package for those looking for a gel and western blot imaging documentation system. It comes complete with everything you need. Simply unpack it to get started capturing images of your gels and blots quickly....


  Why use Flow Cytometry when there is a better and faster method?

Why use flow cytometry when there is now a far simpler method for cell counting and sorting?

Faster than FlowCytometryIn traditional flow cytometry there are three main components which make up a system. These components are the fluidics, the optics and the electronic parts. Then of course there is the data which has to be processed and presented in the right format for the application. So why would you go this route when there is now a far simpler method for cell counting and sorting?...


  Advances in fluorescent cell analysis

See the latest advances in fluorescent cell analysis from Eikonix

 Fluorescent cell analysis from EikonixThe Countstar Fluorescence Cell Analyser offers a number of key advantages over existing technologies. It has some significant differences from other cell analysis devices and out-performs many others on the market.The combination of bright-field illumination with up to 5X magnification, 4 fluorescence excitation wavelengths and 5 emission wavelength filters give the system a very wide and flexible choice of sample options....


  The new way to capture electrophoresis gel images

A next generation and innovative method for capturing gel images which is cost effective and produces outstanding results

Gel Scanner from EikonixBio-1000F from Eikonix the UK imaging specialists, is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective scanning device that integrates image capture, gel preview, and gel extraction essential for routine nucleic acid gel electrophoresis. Using a combination of high-sensitivity 300dpi sensors and Blue-LED illuminators, the Bio-1000F is compatible with all EtBr-alternative fluorescent stains and provides publication-quality images....


  Affordable high quality Histology Slide Scanning

At last, an affordable solution for the scanning of histology and Cytology microscope slides.

The new Slide Scanner available from Eikonix now brings high quality slide scanning to a much wider market. This compact device utilises a host of the latest automated imaging technologies with a proven scanning engine to create an effective and reliable tool for the rapid acquisition of whole slide images from standard glass microscope slides. The easy to use system can be operated by anyone and requires no specialist training. The intuitive software effortlessly guides the user through each step to produce images of exceptional quality.


  Essential steps for scanning gels

Essential steps you need to know about scanning electrophoresis gels

Bio-5000 PlusDo you want a fast and easy way to scan your electrophoresis gels? Look no further than the Bio-5000 Plus two platform scanner. Designed for researchers who want to quickly scan their electrophoresis gels, the Bio-5000 Plus offers an alternative to those camera based systems which can often produce unsatisfactory results. This image capture system is equipped with an optical CCD sensor whose...


  How to move to fluorescence microscopy the low cost way

LED fluorescence illumination devices that provide a simple solution for microscope users wishing to upgrade their microscope for fluorescence applications.

New from Eikonix, the imaging specialists, is a range of LED fluorescence illumination devices that provide a simple solution for microscope users wishing to upgrade their microscope for fluorescence applications. The MF-LED module which has built-in coloured LED’s can easily upgrade a traditional infinity upright microscope to give fluorescence functionality. It is optically compatible with many popular microscope brands such as Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss and others....


  Eikonix is appointed to sell the Countstar range of cell analysis products in the UK.

Cell counting and analysis just got easier and better

The Countstar Automated Cell CounteEikonix are pleased to announce that they have been appointed by Countstar to sell their automated cell counters and fluorescence cell analyser in the UK. Featuring ease of use, efficiency, accuracy and reliability, these products have been widely used in major research and medical institutions in various fields including biopharmaceuticals, beer and beverages.


  Western blot and multiplex imaging breakthrough

An exiciting new imaging system can be used for gel, multicolour R, G, B and chemiluminescence.

Eikonix, the Cambridge based gel documentation experts, are pleased to announce the introduction of the Omega Lum W analysis system. This exciting new product can be used for gel, multicolour R, G, B and chemiluminescent imaging and brings performance and features at a price which is now affordable to a much wider market. This small footprint system breaks the mould of the older traditional heavy and cumbersome gel documentation systems by utilising some innovative design work and incorporating an integral tablet for control....


  Vivantis GF-1 Plant Extraction Kits special offers

Low price on Plant extraction kits until the end of 2015

Right now the GF-1 Pant Extraction kits from Vivantis are on special offer until the end of the year. The Vivantis GF-1 Plant extraction kit provides a rapid and efficient method for purification of nucleic acid from various samples. The GF-1 Plant DNA extraction kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA from a wide range of plant tissues. The purification is based on the usage of denaturing agents to provide lysis of tissue cells, denaturation of proteins and subsequently release of genomic DNA....


  The Smart way to image your gels

Use a Smart phone to capture gel and blot images

The Imagel Gel Doc system for iPhone or Android is the smart way to quickly grab your gel images. Just hook up your smart phone to the compact hood and start to collect images of all your gels, quickly and easily. The Imagel can be used with 3 different light sources. Use the blue LED transilluminator for DNA applications that use Green DNA, GelGren, SYBR® Green, SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Gold and for Protein applications using LavaPurple....


  Eikonix enters the stem cell research market

Eikonix offer stem cell research products at affordable prices

Stem cell research productsEikonix, the Cambridge based imaging and life science company, are pleased to announce that they have been appointed exclusive distributor for the Stemmera range of stem cell research products. Stemmera have developed innovating technology and application solutions for the growing stem cell research market. The newly introduced products include kits, culture medium, reagents, antibodies, buffers and solutions and cell lines that are convenient tools used in stem cell research.


  New Fluorescence Microscope from Eikonix

Fluorescence microscope to suit your budget

MF50 inverted fluorescence microscopeEikonix, the Cambridge based imaging experts have recently introduced the MF50 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope to the UK market. This latest addition to the range of fluorescence microscopes and specialist blue/green LED lighting units gives customers an even greater choice when looking to purchase a high quality microscope unit at an affordable price.


  Nanohybrids appoint Eikonix as its distributor

Eikonix, the scientific digital imaging specialists, are pleased to announce they will be distributing the Nanohybrids range of silica-coated gold nanorods in the UK.

Nanohybrids gold nanorods

NanoHybrids harness the power of nanotechnology and molecular targeting to enable improved and non-invasive detection of diseased tissue. The products are highly monodisperse gold nanoparticles provide exceptional signal strength and high thermodynamic stability, and are suitable for functionalisation and antibody conjugation.


  Introducing the Omega Fluor Plus

The complete gel documentation system

Omega Fluor Plus Gel Documentation System

For a complete gel documentation system which has everything you need for exception DNA and protein imaging you need look no further than the Omega Fluor Plus. This compact system is packed with features that you only expect to see on much higher priced products. Take the built in tablet which controls the system using its unique hands free SmartCapture Technology....


  Automated Colony Counting Advances

The automated colony counter just got even better!

The industry standard SCAN range of counters have been given a number of new features to make all three models the unit of choice when making the decision to go for automated counting for all your colonies. The level of automatic control has been increased giving the user an ever greater feel of user comfort. Now you can customise as many parameters a you want which eliminates all those complicated batch settings and user input needed by all those other so called ‘automated’ colony counters.


  The JuLI FL Live Cell Imager and counter

New smart fluorescence live cell movie analyser and counter.

Live Cell ImagerJuLI™ FL uses novel optics to capture live-cell images from various cell culture dishes. It can perform cell- based assays, including cell counting, cell viability and GFP/RFP expression level checking. This The JuLI™ FL, from Nanoentek is the next generation, smart fluorescence live cell movie analyser and counter. The gives the user quantified cell confluence results with low variation and growth curve data....


  A New Perspective on Western Blot Imaging

Aplegen, the new up and coming face of the gel documentation market now bring to the European and Middle East market place a brand new product.

Omega Lum WHaving already carved out a strong following in the USA and the Far East for innovative products, the introduction of the Omega Lum W for multicolour R, G, B as well as chemiluminescent imaging brings performance and features at a price which is now affordable to a much wider market. This small footprint system breaks the mould of the older traditional heavy and cumbersome gel documentation systems by utilising some innovative design work and incorporating an integral tablet for...



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