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Adam Equipment Co Ltd

Adam Equipment Co Ltd

Adam Equipment Co Ltd


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All articles from Adam Equipment Co Ltd

  Adam Equipment Introduces NEW Luna Precision Lab Balances

Achieve stellar laboratory weighing results. The Luna precision range has been designed with versatility in mind in order to efficiently assist operators carrying out every day weighing procedures that are essential to a wide range of laboratory and testing environments. Featuring a 24 mm-tall LCD display with intuitive operation, data sharing and connectivity via standard USB and RS-232 interfaces offers users with a high-quality weighing experience at true value for money....


  Adam Equipment Expands Its Luna Balance Range. Introducing NEW Analytical Models, Available Now!

Earlier this year, Adam Equipment released their brand-new Luna precision balances to the public. Adam are now proud to announce the release of Luna analytical models as part of the Luna range, providing operators with a truly expansive range of everyday lab precision and analytical balances at a value for money price point...


  Adam Equipment Debuts New Luna Precision Balances

Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of professional scales and balances worldwide, expanded its line of balances into a new orbit with the launch of the Luna. Available in precision models, Luna’s design combines an elegant form with intuitive function. A generously sized LCD display features large, 24mm-tall blue digits against a black background, allowing the user to easily and efficiently discern results....


  Adam Equipment to Present Lab Balances and Accessories at Pittcon

Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of professional scales and balances worldwide, will highlight several of its lab balances, scales and accessories at Pittcon from March 3 to 5. A new range of balances, the Luna, will take center stage at Adam’s booth. Available in both analytical and precision models, Luna offers a wide variety of applications for everyday lab use, along with a generously sized, 24mm-tall LCD display; standard USB and RS-232 interfaces; and data sharing and connectivity via standard USB and RS-232 interfaces....


  Adam Equipment to Exhibit Professional Weighing Equipment at Medlab 2019 in Dubai

Adam Equipment, a leading provider of balances worldwide, will be participating in Medlab from 4-7 February at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, United Arab Emirates. During the event, Adam will present a selection of products, including balances, scales, moisture analysers, and anti-vibration tables at standZ1.B59. In the spotlight will be Adam’s newest products: Equinox and Solis lab balances, and Latitude compact bench scales....


  Adam Equipment to Exhibit New Weighing Instruments at Lab Innovations

Adam Equipment, a leading provider of professional weighing equipment, will display a selection of balances, scales, and moisture analysers at stand F1 during Lab Innovations from 31 Oct.-1 Nov. 2018 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom. At the event, Adam will highlight its two newest lab balance lines — Equinox and Solis. Both of Adam Equipment’s latest balance ranges include semi-micro, analytical, and precision models, and bring valuable features to labs that perform highly detailed testing....


  New Equinox and Solis Analytical and Precision Balances Now Available in UK and Europe

Both balance ranges bring remarkable precision and valuable features to labs that perform highly detailed testing. Adam Equipment, a leading provider of professional weighing equipment, is shipping its new Equinox and Solis lab balances in the United Kingdom and Europe. With a combination of high capacity and superb readability, Equinox and Solis are Adam Equipment’s most advanced lab balances. Semi-micro, analytical, and precision models are available and include both external and internal calibration....


  Adam Equipment Introduces New ABL Semi-Micro Balances

High-precision balances now available in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Latin America

ABL semi-microAdam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of scales and balances for professionals worldwide, announces the availability of its new ABL series of semi-micro balances in the United Kingdom, parts of Europe, and Latin America. ABL semi-micro balances meet the exacting standards of accuracy and precision for high-tech labs....


  Adam Equipment Introduces New Guide on Creating a Lab Balance Workstation to Optimize Testing and Calibration Processes

Adam Equipment, a leading provider of weighing instruments worldwide, has published a new guide on how to assemble a lab workstation.

Lab Balance WorkstationThe guide outlines the procedure in four simple steps, using comprehensive explanations and easy-to-follow terminology. Workstation components include Adam’s Nimbus or Eclipse balance, AVT anti-vibration table, OIML/ASTM certified weights, and Adam DU specialized software....


  Adam Equipment Expands Line of PMB Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers make sample drying faster, more efficient

PMB 163Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of weighing equipment for professionals worldwide, has expanded its line of PMB moisture analysers. The new model will be available in the United Kingdom, Europe, North and Latin America, Australia, and Southeast Asia....


  Adam Equipment Introduces New Eclipse Analytical and Precision Balances

Capacitive touch keypad delivers a smooth user experience for lab professionals

Eclipse series of analytical and precision balancesCombining innovation and brilliant precision, the Eclipse is Adam Equipment’s newest range of lab balances. Featuring an advanced capacitive touch keypad and one of the largest LCD readouts in the industry, the Eclipse brings a balance of distinction and performance to any lab. The capacitive touch keypad contains illuminated color-coded keys, which provide uncomplicated navigation of the functions and features. Operating with a feather-light touch, the keys...


  Adam Equipment Delivers Next Generation of CB Balance

New Design Enhances Performance and Value in Compact Balance

CB BalanceAdam Equipment, a manufacturer of balances and scales for professionals worldwide, has announced the next generation of its popular CBbalance. The design of the CB has been upgraded with improved functionality and is now available in the U.K., Europe and Australia. Several fresh features boost stability and lead to a greater level of consistency in results. The new version of the CB compact balance now includes a levelling bubble, which ensures the balance is properly set in place to provide the most precise results....


  New CB Compact Balance from Adam Equipment

Unrivaled in capacity and readability among its peers, the CB compact balance boasts a combination of value and durability. The classic design and easy-to-clean features make the CB a winning choice for classroom use, food portioning and weighing small quantities in most settings

CB Compact BalanceThe CB comes in three models with 500g, 1000g and 3000g capacities with corresponding readabilities of 0.1g, 0.1g and 1g. Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport, and built-in battery operation means you can use it anywhere. A large, high-contrast display is easily visible from a distance. The ample, stainless steel pan and solid ABS housing make the CB durable and easy to clean...


  Adam Equipment Unveils New Line of Scales at Pittcon Warrior wash-down scalesAdam Equipment, a world-class scale and balance developer and manufacturer, will introduce its new line of Warrior wash-down scales at Pittcon 2012. These dust-proof and waterproof scales are well-suited for pharmaceutical processing and are perfect for the production line or for clean-room environments...


  Adam Equipment Adam Equipment’s Core™ Compact Balances Adam Equipment, a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality and affordable electronic scales and balances, offers its Core Compact Balances for the classroom and general laboratory use...


  The PMB takes the hassle out of moisture analysis for fast and accurate results DANBURY, CT – With smart features developed specifically for simple operation and fast results, Adam Equipment’s new PMB moisture balances deliver outstanding performance.


  PGL PRECISION BALANCES ENHANCE ADAM The new PGL, one of Adam Equipment’s newest products, is designed to provide customers with a balance that can withstand the rigors of field or factory work, as well as the demanding laboratory and classroom setting.


  Highland Portable Precision Balances Adam Offers Versatile Precision Balance For a Wide Range Of Students


  NEW PRODUCT ENHANCES ADAM EQUIPMENT'S LINE OF BALANCES The new PGL, one of Adam Equipment's newest products, is designed to provide customers with a balance that can withstand the rigors of field or factory work, as well as the demanding laboratory and classroom setting.


  ADAM EQUIPMENT INTRODUCES NEW LBK WEIGHING SCALE Compact, Versatile and Affordable - The New LBK Scale a Winning Value for Businesses



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