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All articles from BioCision

  BioCision Announces Industry

Smart device utilizes adaptive sensing technology for accurate and standardized thawing

ThawSTARpic3.jpgBioCision, LLC, a leader in advanced products to improve biospecimen and biologics handling and standardization, today announced the availability of ThawSTAR™ automated sample thawing system, a breakthrough technology that addresses the “last mile” in the cryopreservation process. Utilizing the patent-pending STAR™ sensing technology, ThawSTAR system tailors the thaw cycle to the specific characteristics of each frozen sample....


  Brooks Automation and BioCision Announce Equity Investment and Strategic Collaboration

Brooks invests $4 million into BioCision to build strategic alignment in biobanking and sample handling to address global challenges in temperature control and standardization

Brooks Automation, IncBrooks Automation, Inc. (Nasdaq:BRKS), a global provider of automated sample storage systems for compound management and biorepositories, and BioCision, LLC, a leader in advanced technology to improve biomaterial sample handling and standardization, today announced they have established a relationship to support the development of technologies to improve temperature control and standardization in the use of biomaterials across multiple industries, including pre-clinical and clinical research and product development. Under the terms of the agreement, Brooks Automation has made a $4 million equity investment in BioCision....


  New histology line-up addresses inconsistent preparation of samples in biomedical research and diagnostics BioCision CoolSinkAt the December 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), BioCision, LLC launched a novel and comprehensive line of products to standardise procedures related to immunohistochemistry, slide staining and sorting, tissue dissection, cell harvesting, and tissue embedding. The response of ASCB attendees to the CoolSink H line - consisting of 10 new products - was overwhelmingly positive...


  BioCision standardizes the sending of clinical tissue samples with launch of HistoMailer BioCision Mayo HistoMailerBioCision LLC announces today the launch of a new product - the HistoMailer - for safely sending tissue blocks for laboratory analysis.  The HistoMailer represents the first in a series of products designed to specifically address the need for safe, reliable transfer of samples between laboratories...


  BioCision begins significant expansion of CoolCell product line with three new cell freezing systems BioCision CoolCell FTS30BioCision the coolprepTM company, today announced the release of three new cryopreservation systems: CoolCell® FTSTM30, the first large-capacity, high-density cell freezing system; CoolCell SV2 for freezing cells in larger diameter 2ml vials; and CoolCell 5ml for large cryovial freezing. All CoolCell freezing solutions deliver a controlled freezing rate of -1oC/minute in a -80oC freezer, with high reproducibility of freezing profiles and consistent cell viability and function after thawing...


  Roslin Cellab Selects BioCision's CoolCell for Cryopreservation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines BioCisionRoslin Cellab, the preeminent incubator for stem cell research and a leading provider of stem cell research services to life sciences companies, has selected BioCision's®CoolCell® freezing container for cryopreservation of human embryonic stem cell lines. The decision by Roslin Cellab - a subsidiary of the Roslin Foundation and sister company to Roslin Cells, a world leader in the isolation of new clinical grade undifferentiated stem cells for use in research and therapy - comes after a comprehensive review of the CoolCell product line. CoolCell will replace the organization's conventional cryopreservation tools sitewide...


  CoolCell BioCision coloured CoolCellsNow that the compelling advantages of BioCision's CoolCell are widely known, vibrant orange and green versions join the original purple CoolCell to provide useful colour-coding. Instantly identify different cell types or different researchers' samples in a shared freezer, or simply choose your favourite colour! In addition to saving time, cutting hazardous waste and delivering higher reproducibility compared with alcohol-based cell freezing methods, CoolCell pays for itself in less than three months...


  Do you think your microtitre plates are cold enough on ice? Think again! Only BioCision BioCision’s CoolSinkUsed as an interface between a microplate and crushed ice, the BioCision CoolSink thermo-conductive plate holder provides fast temperature uniformity. Many experimental and clinical applications require low temperature control for culture plates. However, a new Application Note published in BioTechniques1 demonstrates that although it is commonly assumed that a plate in direct contact with crushed ice will rapidly equilibrate below 4ºC, this is not the case...


  BioCision BioCision’s innovative CoolProduct range now available from SANYOBioCision, LLC announces the signing of a product distribution agreement with SANYO E&E Europe BV, SANYO's biomedical division in Europe. SANYO will be marketing the entire CoolProduct portfolio - a modular system of innovative benchtop laboratory tools based on BioCision's patented technology for temperature change and control of benchtop biomedical samples.


  Need to freeze or cryopreserve PBMCs, primary cells, stem cells or cord blood? The CryoPrep System makes cell preservation simple, efficient and highly reproducible! The CryoPrep System makes cell preservation simple, efficient and highly reproducible!BioCision's modular CryoPrep System offers a complete solution for all cell freezing procedures - from ice-free cooling to convenient portability of cell samples and a controlled rate of freezing without alcohol. The CryoPrep system comprises three precision designed and manufactured products - CoolBox, CoolRackTM CFT and CoolCell - based on BioCision's novel patent-pending thermo-adaptive alloy.


  BioCision appoints chief operating officer and expands corporate advisory board BioCision LLC, the CoolPrepTM company, announces the expansion of its management team, with the appointment of industry veteran Hugh Douglas to the position of chief operating officer. The company also announced that it has added a group of leading industry experts to BioCision's corporate advisory board.


  Cooling and freezing? With CoolBox it BioCision's CoolBoxTM offers an innovative cooling and freezing system for all-day ice-free sample temperature control. The reusable cartridge technology is convenient, portable and eliminates the risk of contamination and temperature variability associated with the use of ice.


  The Thermo-conductive CoolRacksTM from BioCision introduce critical reproducibility and instant organisation into benchtop sample cooling and freezing for the clinical, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO markets.


  BioCision CoolCell from BioCision features a solid thermal core for consistent, controlled -1ºC/minute cell freezing in a -80ºC freezer, without any alcohol. Requiring only minutes between freezing cycles and no maintenance, CoolCell provides truly user-friendly and environmentally-conscious cell freezing.



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