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ATG Scientific Ltd

ATG Scientific Ltd

ATG Scientific Ltd


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All articles from ATG Scientific Ltd

  Noise Enclosures and Mobile Benches for Labs

To reduce the noise (from pumps, chillers, etc.) as well as improving the ergonomics of labs, ATG Scientific provides expert advice on a wide range of soundproof and mobile bench solutions to help create much more pleasant working conditions for you and your colleagues. The Company can recommend the best products and most appropriate set ups which can be supplied from the specialist manufacturers MS Noise and IonBench....


  UNO R&D Thin-Film Deposition Tool

ATG Scientific, Oxford has introduced a thin-film deposition R&D sputtering tool from Midsummer AB, the Swedish maker of turn-key manufacturing lines for CIGS solar cell production

UNO photoThe UNO tool is a spin-off from Midsummer’s all sputtering CIGS process, but with its versatility, it can be used for a range of other thin-film R&D applications, including thermoelectric generators, CZTS solar cells, photocatalysis, thin- film batteries, fuel cell membrane coating, phase change media, AR coating and touch screens. The UNO allows for up to 13 individual process stations in an unbroken vacuum chain, minimizing the risk of sample contamination and reducing the clean room requirements. The tool can be equipped in different configurations depending on its intended use and special process requirements....


  Stability/Degradation Testing System with superior control for improved analysis and lower cost

Chemical Stability, Forced Degradation, Stress Testing are just some of the applications for the Amebis Stability Testing and Monitoring System (STAMS)

Amebis Stability Testing and Monitoring System (STAMS). This highly flexible, low cost tool with 21 CFR part 11 compliant software is for any laboratory or research facility with interests in drug discovery, analytical chemistry, QC, formulation development and finished product. It uses the very latest wireless technology to provide highly accurate and flexible stability testing solutions. Any condition between 0-80?C/5-95% RH can be generated for routine or investigative studies with full data logging of the humidity and temperature readings for each sample...


  Elevating Tables for HPLC-UHPLC

ATG Scientific has introduced the elevating HPLC/UHPLC tables from IonBench™

Elevating Tables for HPLC-UHPLCThese tables, on lockable castor wheels, can be easily lifted up or down by the simple use of a switch, for a convenient & safe access to the top of your HPLC/UHPLC.  Designed with a chemical resistant surface and a weight capacity of 150kg, an elevating tablecan be used to optimise the positioning and performance of your LC instrumentation offering improvements in the layout, flexibility and productivity in a laboratory. The tables are also ideal for use alongside the IonBench™ mobile MS benches which provide space savings of up to 30% and significant reductions in noise with built-in (vacuum pump) soundproof enclosures...



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