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  New Compact Gel Documentation System from Syngene is aptly named PXi (pronounced Pixie) It may be small, but the PXi (Pixie) gel doc is perfect for imaging Western blots (chemiluminescence and mulitplex fluorescent secondary antibodies) 1D gels and even 2D gels!

PXi-gel-doc-systemSyngene is a world-leading manufacturer of gel documentation system.  The PXi, Syngene's newest addition to its product portfolio,  is a new high resolution, multi-application image analysis system. This powerful system is currently the best in its class for scientists that want a compact, one-click method for accurately imaging chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, as well as 1-D gels (up to 10cm x 12 cm) stained with any type of fluorescent dye. The system sports 6.3 megapixel goodness and unparalleled sensitivity for a variety of mulitfunctional and mulitplex applications...