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WITec GmbH

WITec GmbH

WITec GmbH


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All articles from WITec GmbH

  alpha300 Ri - New inverted confocal Raman microscope

WITec has launched the alpha300 Ri inverted Raman microscope. It combines the advantages of data acquisition from below with the established merits of 3D confocal Raman imaging, a powerful and versatile technique that can chemically characterize samples nondestructively and without labeling or other specialized preparation....


  TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, a.s. and WITec GmbH launch the RISE Microscope for Correlative Raman-SEM Imaging at Analytica 2014

RISE Microscopy

The RISE Microscope enables for the first time the acquisition of SEM and Raman images from the same sample area and the correlation of ultra-structural and chemical information with one microscope system

RISE Microscopy is a novel correlative microscopy technique which combines confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron (RISE) Microscopy within one integrated microscope system. This unique combination provides clear advantages for the microscope user with regard to comprehensive sample characterization: electron microscopy is an excellent technique for visualizing the sample surface structures in the nanometer range; confocal Raman imaging is an established spectroscopic method used for the detection of the chemical and molecular components of a sample. It can also generate 2D- and 3D-images and depth profiles to visualize the distribution of the molecular compounds within a sample...


  New witecThe new "Springer Series in optical Science" book on "Confocal Raman Microscopy" was edited by WITec Scientists Dr. Thomas Dieing, Dr. Olaf Hollricher and Dr. Jan Toporski and has just been released. The goal of the book is to provide the best possible overview of the theoretical and practical facts and issues associated with confocal Raman microscopy...


  WITec introduces Topographic Confocal Raman Imaging -The next evolutionary leap in cutting-edge microscope configurationsWITec, worldwide leader in nano-analytical microscopy systems, has launched the new True Surface Microscopy option. The core element of this revolutionary imaging mode is an integrated sensor for optical profilometry. Large-area topographic coordinates from the profilometer measurement can be precisely correlated with the large-area confocal Raman imaging data...



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