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Biopharma Technology Ltd

Biopharma Technology Ltd

Biopharma Technology Ltd


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All articles from Biopharma Technology Ltd

  New freeze drying microscope offers clearer images for easier analysis

The latest generation freeze drying microscope, Lyostat4, offers superior LED illumination for a sharper image and reduced maintenance. Its new design also reduces footprint.


Freeze drying microscopy is an established technique for accurately and easily establishing the point of collapse, the most important critical temperature for developing safe and robust freeze drying cycles. Essentially operating as a micro freeze-dryer, FDM enables freezing and drying of a real sample to be observed in real time. As FDM analysis is based on visual identification rather than thermal data, it’s vital to ensure maximum image clarity and resolution. The Lyostat 4 provides the latest generation LED light source for even sharper image....


  New After-Sales Services for Freeze Drying Microscope BTL now provide a range of after-sales services for freeze drying microscopes to ensure that both equipment and practice remain trouble-free.

Freeze drying microscopy is an established technique that allows observation and recording of sample structure during freeze-drying. This enables collapse temperature to be determined, as well as observation of many other events such as crystallisation and the effects of thermal treatment.


  New Rotary Vial Washer for Small Batches RW-250 Rotary Vial Washer Many pharmaceutical products are being produced in smaller batches. Targeted products may be too specific for large batch sizes, and for products with a short shelf life producing small amounts as and when may be the only option. PennTech have responded to customer demand by introducing a smaller version of the RW rotary vial washer. The RW-250 is an extremely compact c-GMP vial washer that offers the same automated wash cycle as the rest of the family of PennTech vial washers (RW-500, RW-800 and RW-1150) but in an ultra-small footprint and just requiring manual loading...


  Freeze Drying Specialists BTL Announce New Cytotoxic Capability Biopharma TechnologyBiopharma Technology Ltd (BTL) have completed construction of a new standalone cleanroom, enabling them to provide freeze drying R&D services for cytotoxic products. Freeze drying is a complex operation and many drug developers outsource development to contract research organisations specialist in this field. However, few CROs with freeze drying expertise have the ability to handle cytotoxic drugs safely...


  New and Improved Lyophilisation Training Courses Biopharma TechnologyLyophilisation, or freeze drying, is an important process in many areas of research and production with applications in areas such as vaccines, diagnostics, regenerative medicine, functional foods, materials science and medical devices. For high value products such as these it is vital to have a thorough understanding of both theory and practice to avoid expensive delays and waste...


  New Dates for Freeze Drying Training Courses Biopharma TechnologyBTL are pleased to announce new dates for their in-depth training courses in Freeze Drying (Lyophilisation) Technology.


  Training in Lyophilization Technology Biopharma TechnologyFreeze drying experts BTL announce dates for training courses in lyophilization technology. BTL have been providing training in freeze drying technology since 1997, bringing together scientific theory with real-life examples and practical knowledge from industry experts



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