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RheoSense Inc

RheoSense Inc

RheoSense Inc


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All articles from RheoSense Inc

  New Automated Viscometer for Chemicals

RheoSense, Inc. has announced that the all new automatic VROC® initium Model II Viscometer is now available for viscosity characterization of any solvent-based solutions. High throughput and timely measurements are now easier and more productive. Accurate and precise viscosity measurement is assured with self-diagnosis leaving no uncertainty....


  New Viscometer Simplifies Routine Oil-Viscosity Measurements

RheoSense, Inc., has announced the release of its new viscometer, microVISC-m™. designed to simplify daily or routine measurements of lubricating oils’ viscosity.

 microVlSCThe microVlSC-m is an excellent tool for oil-condition monitoring and It is portable, easy to use, fast, and requires only a few drops of oil. RheoSense says its microVlSC-m measures oil viscosity through an easy, one-minute test, eliminating  the need to wait for test results from remote labs. The instrument  requires a sample volume as small as 100 microliters. The viscometer displays dynamic viscosity at ambient conditions. It also...


  Measure Molecular Size of Proteins & Polymers

RheoSense, Inc. announces another measurement capability to its unrivalled flagship viscometer, m-VROC.

viscometer mVROC

The m-VROC is now equipped with the highest resolution to detect and measure Intrinsic Viscosity, a capability indispensable for all bio/pharma and polymer applications. Intrinsic Viscosity is a parameter used to determine the molecular size, weight, structure, and interactions among proteins, polymers, or macromolecules. Applications related to polymerization, degradation, interaction, and the stability of molecules all benefit by utilizing Intrinsic Viscosity. Measuring intrinsic viscosity is considered to be a more reliable method than light scattering to study and understand these phenomena...


  A New MEMS-Based Paradigm for Liquid Flow Management

Now Make Rapid Viscosity Measurements with Precise Temperature Control

microVISC TCRheoSense, Inc. has proudly unveiled the newest member of the VROC family, microVISC TC, a precise temperature controller for the handheld microVISC viscometer. Temperature dependence is one of the most important factors in determining viscosity so a minute variation can possibly lead to significantly erroneous results. With the advent of microVISC TC, microVISC is now capable of offering accurate viscosity measurement which would eliminate any uncertainty and allow users to adhere to the most stringent requirements...


  New MEMS-Based Paradigm for Liquid Flow Management NEW Chip Measures Viscosity Up To 2,000,000 Reciprocal Seconds

VROC 2.5 CompositeRheoSense Inc. has introduced its New E chip that expands the range of viscosity measurements with significantly greater shear rates. Mounted on the m-VROC viscometer, the E chip attains 2,000,000 1/s measurements of water-like viscosity or 1,000,000 1/s for various injket inks (~ 4 mPas). Industrial processes such as inkjetting, coating, printing and injection include high shear flows. Paper coating, inkjetting, and engine lubrication engage shear rates over 1,000,000 1/s...


  Measuring High Viscosity is a Breeze with RheoSense viscometer, µVISC™ (micro VISC)RheoSense, Inc. has released a new viscometer, µVISCTM (micro VISC), the newest product from core VROC® technology. HC, the newest chip, supports testing of higher viscosity ranges up to 20,000 mPas or higher. With the NEW HC chip, this cost-effective instrument provides for easy and rapid viscosity measurements and now supports a wider range of applications. This technical combination supports industry demands for tighter quality control and fast and timely decision making...


  Rapid Viscosity Measurements with Rapid Viscosity MeasurementsRheoSense, Inc. is proud to announce the release of µVISC (micro VISC), the newest viscometer utilizing VROC® technology. This instrument provides a very high level of accuracy and repeatability in viscosity measurement, yet is competitively priced. The µVISC is fast, easy to use, and can satisfy industry's growing demand for an increasingly efficient quality control protocol.


  m-VROC: Cost-Effective and Accurate Viscosity Measurements for Inks, Protein and Biological Solutions m-VROCRheoSense Inc., a leading developer and provider of viscometry instruments, announces the m-VROC. This analytical system for viscosity measurements has many advantages over conventional rotational and cone-and-plate viscometers, including accuracy, repeatability and on-going cost effectiveness.



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