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m-VROC: Cost-Effective and Accurate Viscosity Measurements for Inks, Protein and Biological Solutions

m-VROCRheoSense Inc., a leading developer and provider of viscometry instruments, announces the m-VROC. This analytical system for viscosity measurements has many advantages over conventional rotational and cone-and-plate viscometers, including accuracy, repeatability and on-going cost effectiveness.

Continuing to support market and scientific demands, RheoSense releases its new viscometer, m-VROC 2.5, enhanced for ease of use, greater accuracy and reproducible results.

The m-VROC 2.5 is a complete measurement system, equipped with automatic chip recognition and closed-loop temperature control. For more control of the test environment, an optional air purge unit and a Peltier chiller can be added to the system. The mechanical and electronic interfaces have been enhanced, making it even easier to capture, view and record viscosity measurements.

This compact system is as portable as shown in the photo, easily transported from a laboratory to a production line for important, critical measurements.

Cost-effective, the m-VROC provides accuracy with small sample volumes: 50 microliter, a significant factor when evaluating costly protein and other biological formulations.

With its wide measurement range (0.1 to 100k cP viscosity) and high shear rates, the m-VROC is capable of analyzing virtually any liquid viscosity value, Newtonian and non-Newtonian

Thermal characteristics are an important aspect of viscosity measurements-a change in temperature can affect viscosity, the accuracy and reliability of measurement results. An optional circulating water bath, a Peltier chiller, can be added for greater temperature control. With this addition, the closed-loop temperature control system is fast and stable, operating at a range of 4 ºC to 69 ºC with the accuracy of +/- 0.05 ºC.

The core of the system is VROC, the proprietary MEMS chip developed by RheoSense, Inc. To provide accurate measurement for a variety of liquid products, RheoSense supports that need with a selection of VROC chips. To help ensure the system is set up for optimum measurement, m-VROC 2.5 is equipped with automatic chip recognition.

A VROC chip measures the viscosity of a liquid flowing through a fully contained microfluidic cell.  This full containment eliminates air interface, a common problem with conventional cone and plate or plate and plate rheometers for protein solutions, surface active materials, and volatile liquids. For more control of the test environment, an optional purge air supply can be connected to the system, which prevents condensation inside the chamber. This feature can be especially important when operating at low temperatures.

For additional information about the new m-VROC, visit

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