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Pump Engineering Ltd

Pump Engineering Ltd

Pump Engineering Ltd


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  CSF Aseptic Hygienic Pumps with Steam Protection Barrier Ideal for Sterile Products

The established range of CSF hygienic centrifugal pumps includes the CSD Aseptic series which achieve the ultimate level of hygiene when transferring liquids in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, injectable/intravenous, ultra pure and other process applications where hygiene is critical. 

CSF hygienic centrifugal pumpWhen fitted within an Aseptic plant these pumps ensure sterility and can assist in extending shelf life by ensuring the cleanest possible process conditions. Available through the liquids handling specialist, PUMP ENGINEERING LTD, CSF CSD series pumps are robust and reliable.  The mechanical seal is internal and balanced, fitted with EN12756/ISO3069 seats protected from contamination by a high temperature flush...


  Easy-Clean, Quick-Strip Pumps For Food and Pharma Duty EASY-CLEAN, QUICK-STRIP PUMPS FOR FOOD AND PHARMA DUTYTransferring liquids in food, brewing, pharmaceutical and other similar ‘sensitive' process applications requires reliable, easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain pumps. Liquids handling specialists PUMP ENGINEERING offer a wide range of pumps which are ideal for these situations. For example their CSF-CS, CSA and CSM centrifugal pumps are capable of handling capacities from 1 to 550 m3/hour at heads up to 155 metres.



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