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SAW instruments GmbH

SAW instruments GmbH

SAW instruments GmbH


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All articles from SAW instruments GmbH

  SAW Instruments Enhances Protein Interaction Analysis with the samX Acoustic Biosensor

A robust platform for label-free biomolecular assays

1301SAW18Jun SAW samX Biosensor

SAW Instruments, developer of the innovative sam® family of biosensors for real-time, label-free biomolecular
interaction assays, is continuing to advance acoustic wave biosensor technology with the sam®X platform. Based on SAW’s Surface Acoustic Wave technology, the biosensors measure changes in mass and viscoelasticity at the chip surface based on changes in the high frequency acoustic oscillations running across the chip surface. This innovative approach is complementary to other biophysical techniques, such as SPR and QCM for measuring protein interactions, and can also be used for samples and applications that are difficult to analyse by these other methods, thus providing additional information and insights...


  SAW Instruments to Probe into Latest Biosensor Trends

New online survey aims to identify the challenges of accurately measuring molecular interactions

Survey to identify the current challenges affecting researchers at the forefront of molecular binding studies and kinetic analysisSAW Instruments, developer of the innovative sam® family of biosensors for real-time, label-free assays, has commissioned a survey to identify the current challenges affecting researchers at the forefront of molecular binding studies and kinetic analysis...


  SAW Instruments Places samX Biosensor with Full Spectrum Genetics San Francisco site to become US West Coast demonstration centre 

SAW Instruments sam®X Biosensor SAW Instruments LLC has inked a deal with US firm Full Spectrum Genetics (FSG) to place a high-end sam®X biosensor in FSG's San Francisco laboratory. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Within the agreement, FSG will have full access to the biosensor for its own internal research programs, and will receive full applications training and support from SAW Instruments.


  SAW Instruments Launches samX Biosensor Access Program Biosensor Access Program SAW Instruments, developer of the innovative sam® family of biosensors for real-time, label-free assays using viable cells, has launched its new sam®X Biosensor Access Program. Designed to provide access to the sam®X with no capital spend, the program offers a six month lease of the sam®X and includes four free packs of CM short dextran chips for cell work, as well as four free days of application training worth $10,000. With an option to buy after six months, when 100% of the rental money paid is redeemable against the purchase price, the Biosensor Access Program provides the perfect opportunity to see how the sam®X would revolutionize the measurement of biomolecular interactions in your laboratory...


  ACOBIO launch the new samX at the Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan sam x acoustic biosensorSAW Instruments, a developer of innovative biosensor technology for life sciences research, and ACOBIO K.K., have signed an exclusive agreement to allow ACOBIO K.K. to distribute SAW's innovative sam® range of acoustic biosensors in Japan. The news ties in with the Japanese launch of the newest member of the series, the high-end sam®X, at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan. sam® systems provide a step-change in biosensor technology...


  SAW Instruments to Present Poster at MipTec 2011 Saw Sam XSAW Instruments GmbH, developer of innovative biosensor technology for life sciences research in biotech and academia, will present a poster at this year's MipTec meeting, Basel, Switzerland (20-22nd September). Entitled "Binding Kinetics of Therapeutic Antibodies to Native Proteins on Living Cells", the new poster discusses recent work carried out in collaboration with Affimed Therapeutics AG...


  SAW Instruments Launches the sam5 GREEN Acoustic Biosensor and Reaches Into the US Market sam®5 GREEN Acoustic Biosensor SAW Instruments GmbH, today announced the launch of the sam®5 GREEN acoustic biosensor, and the availability of its family of sam®5 acoustic biosensors in the US market. Founded on SAW's proprietary Surface Acoustic Wave technology, sam®5 offers precise, real-time, label-free measurement of biomolecular interactions...


  Novel bioaffinity-MS tandem system developed On-line SAW-ESI-MS delivers KD with direct characterisation and quantification of protein-ligand interactions for the first timeResearchers at the University of Konstanz, have for the first time successfully developed a novel on-line bioaffinity-electrospray ionisation (ESI) mass spectrometry approach, which enables the simultaneous label-free detection, identification and quantification of protein-ligand interactions. Combining the sam5TM surface acoustic wave (SAW) biosensor from SAW Instruments directly with ESI-MS has enabled the direct connection of protein-ligand KD analysis with their subsequent quantification and structural characterisation by mass spec.


  SAW Instruments make a noise in biological detection SAW Instruments launch novel sam5 biosensor for addressing membranes, vesicles and cells SAW Instruments GmbH has launched its unique sam5 biosensor instrument for advanced real-time biomolecular interaction and kinetic studies, at Biotechnica, Hannover, 5-7 October. The sam5 is a peerless biosensor utilising Surface Acoustic Wave technology for the label-free detection of real-time binding and structural events.



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