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Teledyne Leeman Labs

Teledyne Leeman Labs

Teledyne Leeman Labs


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All articles from Teledyne Leeman Labs

  Teledyne Leeman Labs Introduces the Prodigy Plus Inductively Coupled Plasma

New Prodigy Plus High Dispersion ICP Spectrometer

Prodigy Plus High Dispersion ICP Spectrometer Teledyne Leeman Labs introduces the Prodigy Plus High Dispersion ICP Spectrometer to its current family of ICP-OES instruments. Leeman Labs has been a pioneer in the ICP spectrometry industry and was the first to use an Echelle spectrometer for ICP-OES. The Prodigy Plus builds upon this experience while incorporating new state-of-the art technology. ICP-OES instruments are used in laboratories around the...


  New Web-based Selector Tool for Mercury Analyzers Web-based Selector Tool for Mercury AnalyzersAre you unsure which mercury analysis technique is right for your application?  There are many techniques available today ranging from digestion-free analysis to cold vapor atomic absorption and fluorescence as well as a growing number of standard methods and regulations that call for their use.  As a result, choosing the right technique can be challenging for many.  To address this, Teledyne Leeman Labs has developed a simple to use online tool to help you make the best mercury analysis choice...


  New Line of Mercury Analyzers from Teledyne Leeman Labs

Hydra II line of mercury analyzers The Hydra II line of mercury analyzers advances the performance, sample analysis throughput and operational simplicity benchmarks that were previously established by the company's popular Hydra Series. The Hydra II employs an innovative "integrated modular" design architecture that provides an unprecedented level of configuration flexibility.  This translates into the ability for the system to be configured to conduct the analysis of liquids by sample digestion...


  The Determination of Mercury in Foods Many foods consumed on a daily basis contain mercury. Some foods, such as tuna and sword fish, can contain mercury at levels that are unhealthy for higher-risk groups such as expectant mothers and young children.


  Teledyne Leeman Labs introduces a new tool for Trace Metals Analysis in Solid Samples Teledyne Leeman Labs has expanded its elemental analysis product line with the introduction of a new DC Arc Spectrometer, Prodigy DC Arc.



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