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Lee Products Ltd

Lee Products Ltd

Lee Products Ltd


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All articles from Lee Products Ltd

  Dispense Pumps meet the growing fluidic challenges of evolving Medical-IVD Instruments

dispense-pumps-meet-the-growing-fluidic-challengesThe medical IVD market is currently undergoing rapid change that is challenging instrument designers at many levels to meet new demands. It’s also a large, growing market and includes the development of instruments for key applications such as COVID-19 testing. Increased cost pressures for new (and existing) applications demands more efficient testing, maximising throughput, not only for sample and reagent usage, but also in reliability and speed....


  Innovative Miniature Solenoid Valve Offers High Flow, Low Power, Low Leakage & Long Life

A new generation of versatile and innovative 3-port solenoid valves which offer the combination of high flow rates, low leakage and low power consumption in a miniature 10mm package have been introduced by miniature component specialists THE LEE COMPANY. The novel genvi™ solenoid valve has been designed and manufactured using innovative techniques....


  Miniature 2-Way Inert Solenoid Valve for Critical Fluid Control

Innovation in miniature continues to be the mission for THE LEE COMPANY proven by their ability to develop innovative miniature precision fluid control components. A good example of this is their new LFV Series 8000 2-way inert solenoid valve which is ideal for critical flow applications in clinical chemistry, flow cytometry and haematology machines. These 2-way chemically inert isolation style valves represent the next generation of...


  New Video Showcases Innovation in Miniature by The Lee Company

The 2½ minute video showcases The Lee Company’s impressive 1 million square foot site with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Westbrook, Connecticut in the USA. The Lee Company’s products include a wide range of fluids handling components such as; valves, pumps, nozzles, tubing, fittings and manifolds. Serving over 4000 customers Worldwide, The Lee Company’s miniature components are used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, medical and the oil exploration industries....


  LEE Products Publish 9th Edition of EFS Handbook

Miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS have recently published the 9th edition of their EFS (Electro Fluidic Systems) technical handbook.

Lee BookThis new 323 page handbook  features detailed product information on Lee’s wide range of solenoid valves, pumps, manifolds, tubing, accessories, and special products. It also includes practical engineering reference material....


  Miniature Inert Solenoid Pumps Provide Optimum Flexibility

The range of Solenoid Pumps available from LEE PRODUCTS continues to be developed in response to the ever-increasing demands of the medical and scientific industries for components which require less space, weigh less and contribute toward energy savings.

Solenoid PumpsLee’s range of inert solenoid pumps comprises the LPL, LPM and LPG Series and represents a comprehensive range of fixed volume dispense pumps which meet designers’ objectives whilst providing optimum flexibility. They are designed to provide precise and repeatable, fixed volume dispensing in a small, lightweight package. Features include, a revolutionary port head design that allows tubing connections and manifold mounting which enable designers to test the...


  Miniature Inert Solenoid Valve Protects Sensitive Fluids

Rapid and precise dispensing of aggressive and sensitive fluids is a critical requirement in many OEM applications and miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS have an outstanding reputation for developing solenoid valves which excel in these situations.

Lee-LFY2 ValveTheir LFY2 Chemically Inert Solenoid Valve is a good example of this as a recent addition to their field-proven Y-Valve range. This 3-way inert, zero-dead volume solenoid valve features an innovative ‘Y’ internal flow design that reduces the internal volume to a total of just 12 micro-litres.  This design also provides a clean, flushable flow path which reduces, or eliminates carry over between fluids and helps to protect fragile samples.  In addition...


  Robust, Lightweight PEEK Safety Screens

Protecting sensitive components in critical fluids handling applications such as those occurring in the medical, scientific and aerospace industries is essential for safety and optimum performance. 

Lee PEEK HiBar ScreensWhile critical components are often relatively immune to low levels of small size contaminants, a single large particle can cause blockages, resulting in system failure and down-time.  Miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS offers a complete range of flange mount, HI-BAR® Safety Screens which now includes options made entirely from PEEK (Poly-EtherEtherKetone). This high performance engineering thermoplastic provides excellent...


  Miniature, Chemically Inert Stepper Dispense Pump

A miniature, chemically inert Stepper Dispense Pump which is designed to deliver variable micro-litre volumes in the 50µL to 250µL range with a consistent performance yet in the most compact package, has been introduced by LEE PRODUCTS.

lee LDP pumpsThe LPD Series pump has been developed to offer greater design flexibility and significant cost-savings to the medical and scientific industries as a result of its maintenance-free design. It can be located wherever fluidic requirements dictate, regardless of maintenance accessibility. The pump is offered in both standard and high performance models, with the latter incorporating a home sensor, encoder and backlash compensation for more demanding applications and provides a CV of ≤ 0.01% at...


  Miniature VHS Solenoid Play Significant Role in the Viability of 3D Bio-Printing of Human Cells

The rapid development of viable inkjet technology for highly specialised applications, such as printing human cells, continues to generate significant interest.

LeeCellPrinterIf successful, the realisation of this technology for specialised biological applications, generally known as ‘biofabrication’, has the potential to replace the long established (and often controversial) process of using animals for testing new drugs. However, there are many challenges to overcome to enable the successful production of a valve-based cell printer for the formation of human embryonic stem cell spheroid aggregates. For example, printing techniques need to be...


  Plug-In, 2 Port HDI Solenoid Valve is Lighter and Smaller

A new ultra-miniature, high density interface (HDI) solenoid valve for OEM, laboratory, scientific and medical device applications is the latest example of excellence in miniature engineering from LEE PRODUCTS. 

Lee 2port HDI manifold plug in

This new ‘plug-in’ style valve features a 2-port normally closed design and offers similar performance characteristics to Lee’s traditional 3-port HDI design, but in a smaller, lighter package. The constant demands placed upon designers and machine builders to produce reliable and innovative products which are smaller and lighter are being met, thanks in part, to the Lee Companies’ ability to continue to redefine miniature fluidics....


  Lee Products Launch New Website

Miniature component specialist LEE PRODUCTS has launched an all-new website which showcases its range of high precision miniature components for a wide range of applications including aerospace, medical and scientific instrumentation, diagnostics, ink-jet printing, industrial gas turbines, racing cars and oil exploration.

The new site, which is optimised for larger, higher resolution screens and mobile devices, demonstrates Lee Products’ position as the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision components which provide extreme performance with minimal space and weight.  Products offered cover two main sectors, Microhydraulics and Electro-Fluidic Systems and include; solenoid valves, shuttle valves, safety screens, pressure relief valves, check valves, restrictors, nozzles, plugs, fixed and variable pumps and other speciality products...


  New EFS Handbook Published by Lee Products

Miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS have recently published a new EFS (Electro Fluidic Systems) technical handbook which provides a valuable resource of product information along with practical engineering reference material

New EFS HandbookLee Product’s three Electro-Fluidic Systems groups produce high quality miniature solenoid valves, micro-dispense valves, atomising and dispense nozzles, fixed and variable volume pumps, integrated fluidic manifolds, inert tubing and fluid control components and custom engineered designs. These products are used in medical and scientific instrumentation, analytical / clinical chemistry, in-vitro diagnostics, drug discovery and ink jet printing applications....


  Hard Seat Micro-Dispense Valve Handles Aggressive Fluids

A new Hard Seat VHS Micro-Dispense Valve which offers precise, repeatable, non-contact dispensing of fluids in the nanolitre to microlitre range, is a recent addition to LEE PRODUCTS established range of VHS solenoid valves

Hard Seat VHSThis option features a precision Zirconia ball and seat instead of a traditional elastomeric seal which ensures resistance to aggressive fluids such as DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide). These, and other ‘aggressive fluids’, would normally attack the ‘standard’ elastomer type materials used in other types of less durable micro-dispense valves. The Hard Seat VHS valve’s small size and weight (45.2mm max length, 5.6mm diameter and 10 grams) means it can be fitted directly over 96 well plates. The valve is designed for 2-way, normally closed operation and the wetted materials comprise stainless steel, PEEK and Zirconia...


  Inert Solenoid Pump Sets New Standards of Design Flexibility LPL2 Inert Solenoid PumpThe twin objectives of greater design flexibility and significant cost savings apply to many manufacturing applications and perhaps none more so than the medical and scientific industries. With this in mind miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS are continually developing high precision products to help designers and machine builders achieve their goals...


  Precise Control with Ultra-Compact Atomising Nozzles Lee Products ULTRA-COMPACT ATOMISING NOZZLESThe new atomising nozzles from miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS are designed to generate a 50° cone spray pattern and offer precise, controlled atomisation in the most compact package. They are available in both airless and air-assisted styles with multiple flow ranges and are designed to be installed directly onto a Lee VHS micro-dispense valve for precise flow control using pulse-width modulation (PWM)...


  Less is More with Ultra-Compact Solenoid Valve Lee (HDI) valve A high density solenoid valve which offers the features of a large valve, combined with superior performance, yet in an ultra-compact design weighing just 4.5 grams, has been introduced by LEE PRODUCTS. The latest version of the Lee (HDI) valve is a Lo-Lohm model that delivers increased flow capacity whilst helping engineers and OEM designers to meet the familiar objectives of ‘make it smaller, lighter, more efficient, without increasing overall size and weight'...


  Quiet Operation Solenoid Valve for Optimum Patient Comfort (HDI) 3-way solenoid valve A new quiet operation, compact high density interface (HDI) 3-way solenoid valve for controlling gas or air flows in medical devices has been introduced by miniature component specialists LEE PRODUCTS.


  NEW WEB SITE SHOWCASES LEE Pioneering the design and manufacture of high precision miniature components which are used in industries such as automotive, industrial hydraulics and medical & scientific instrumentation, is the speciality of The Lee Company. The company is now delighted to unveil its all-new Industrial Microhydraulics web site which is live at: and links to the UK site for LEE PRODUCTS.


  ATOMISING NOZZLES DELIVER PRECISE SPRAY PATTERN The new atomising spray nozzles from LEE PRODUCTS generate a precise 50° hollow cone spray pattern to ensure controlled atomisation in a very compact package. They are available in both airless and air-assisted styles and will suit critical spray applications in laboratory, medical device, general design applications or wherever exceptionally precise spray patterns are required.



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