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Diba Industries Inc

Diba Industries Inc

Diba Industries Inc


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All articles from Diba Industries Inc

  Diba Industries Offers Cleanroom Assembly and Packaging for High Purity Applications

Fluid handling expert Diba Industries’ manufacturing facilities feature an ISO certified Class 7 / Fed Std Class 10,000 cleanroom to meet the needs of customers with high purity and particle-free assembly requirements.

DB CleanroomCapabilitiesRDThe flexible 600 square foot space can be configured to accommodate a team of workers for high volume production of tubing assemblies, kits and integrated manifolds complete with valves, flow regulators and other controls....


  New Diba 6-40 Click-N-Seal Micro Fitting for Small Fluid Connections at Pittcon

Diba features its new 6-40 Click-N-Seal Micro™ fitting at the 2014 Pittcon Conference and Exposition.

New Diba 6-40 Click-N-Seal Micro Fitting for Small Fluid Connections at Pittcon

The new Click-N-Seal Micro is designed for diagnostic, analytical and medical applications requiring smaller fluid connections. It easily connects a 1/16” tube into 6-40 threaded ports using Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal® torque limiting technology to eliminate under- or over-tightening and ensure a proper seal. Ferrule options are available for both conical and flat bottom ports. Flared tube and fittings are also offered for flat bottomed ports...


  Diba Introduces Standard Probes at Pittcon 2013

New products lead to shorter design phase, lead times

Diba Introduces Standard ProbesDiba Industries will introduce a new line of standard probes at the 2013 Pittcon Conference & Expo in booth 705 from March 18-21 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Standard probes allow engineers to speed up the design phase of projects and shorten the lead times associated with manufacturing custom probes. Device makers will benefit from improved supply chain management, as Diba’s standard probes are in stock and ready to ship. Diba’s three versions of standard probes are made of 316 stainless steel with 200 microliter internal volume capacity and are capable of reaching the bottom of most sample tubes...


  Diba Introduces Two New Fittings for Conical Ports

Fluid connection systems offer easy and secure seals

New fittings

New fittings designed by Diba Industries provide R&D and manufacturing engineers safe stability for conical ports. The tapered 10-32 Cone-Tip Click-N-Seal™ Ultra and 6-40 PEEK™ thread fittings each include reliable mechanisms to handle fluids. The 10-32 Cone-Tip Click-N-Seal Ultra fitting is pressure-rated for up to 2000 psi (140 bar) with sturdy PEEK construction. It uses a unique method for hand-tightening fittings. The cap clicks when the right torque is achieved, ensuring a secure seal without guesswork or a wrench. It can be used for 1/16” outside diameter semi-rigid tubing such as PEEK™, PTFE, ETFE and FEP...


  Diba Industries Names Kinesis Ltd Worldwide Distribution Partner Omnifit® LabwareFluid handling specialist Diba Industries has further expanded into the global scientific analysis market by naming Kinesis Ltd. its worldwide distribution partner. The appointment allows a higher level of technical and logistical support for current and potential customers of Diba's Omnifit® Labware and DibafitTM Fitting Systems...


  Diba Diba’s new class 10,000 cleanroom Diba's new class 10,000 cleanroom ensures that customers whose products are highly sensitive to environmental contaminations will receive components that meet or exceed their cleanliness requirements and expectations. The new cleanroom is a hard wall 20' x 30' ISO 7 single pass cleanroom with dual 36" pass-thru ports and a gowning room. The facility provides a contaminant-free manufacturing environment for the company's probes, fluid heaters and custom fluidic assemblies...


  PEEK Cased Ferrules Offer Fully Inert Fluid Path Diba’s PEEK™ cased ferrules Providing an inert fluid path through a completely polymer-based fitting and ferrule system, Diba Industries offers its new line of PEEKTM cased ferrules. The ferrules are designed for instrument manufacturers and end users that require the leak-free security and zero dead volumes of a permanently attached ferrule, without fluid path exposure to stainless steel...


  Microbarb low-carryover connectors from Diba at Pittcon 2011 Diba at Pittcon 2011Custom fluid path specialist Diba will feature its fluid handling components at the 2011 Pittcon Conference and Expo. Diba's MicrobarbTM connectors, Click-N-Seal Ultra, Bubble Trap and PEEK chromatography columns will also be on display at the company's booth...


  Level Sensing Technology from Diba at LabAutomation 2011 Diba Lab AutomationFluid path specialist Diba will feature it HydroPLuS level sensing probe at the LabAutomation 2011 Expo, January 29- February 2, at the Palm Springs Convention Center (Palm Springs, FL). Attendees can view samples of the HydroPLuS along with other Diba products at the company's booth


  Diba Names New General Manager, Mick Pearson Diba Industries' General Manager, Mick Pearson.To streamline operations at its Cambridge, UK location and promote communication with its US headquarters, Diba Industries has named Mick Pearson as the new General Manager. As General Manager, Pearson will be responsible for the day to day operations at Diba's Cambridge fluid handling component manufacturing location.


  Diba Launches New Website Diba Industries launches new websiteDiba, world leader in custom fluid path solutions and products, has launched a new website. The website offers customers improved access to product support and technical information.


  New HydroPLuS Features Continuous Level Sensing HydroPLuS™ continuous pressure level sensor from Diba Industries.Diba Industries' new HydroPLuSTM level sensor features continuous monitoring of non-volatile fluid levels for clinical and scientific applications. Diba's patent pending pressure sensing technology provides constant, accurate fluid level readings.


  Diba Appoints Joe Turgeon to VP of Operations Diba VP of Operations, Joe TurgeonDiba, the leader in custom engineered fluid handling solutions for invitro diagnostic (IVD), medical and scientific systems, has named Joe Turgeon Vice President of Operations.


  Diba Names Ken Goswamy West Coast Sales Manager Ken Goswamy, Diba West Coast Sales ManagerContinuing to improve customer service and find new applications for its fluid handling components, Diba Industries has appointed Ken Goswamy its new West Coast Sales Manager


  Omnifit Labware T-Series Solvent Waste Bottle Cap Traps Harmful Vapors To maintain laboratory air quality and safety, Diba has introduced the Omnifit® Labware T-Series Waste Caps. The chemically inert caps trap and contain escaping vapor generated by HPLC and other lab solvents. A color changing indicator strip notifies lab personnel when it is time to replace the vapor trap.


  Diba Industries Showcases Fluidics Solutions at AACC Diba Industries, a custom fluid path provider to a majority of the top global IVD companies, will be introducing innovations in liquid level sensing and internal probe polishing at the AACC Clinical Lab Expo, July 27-29, at the Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, CA). The company will also showcase the complete Click-N-Seal® family of connectors, and its expanded tubing labeling capabilities at booth 2634.


  Diba MicroBarb Connection Fitting for Soft Tubing For micro-bore pump and pinch valve tubing applications, Diba has introduced MicroBarbTM connectors. T he chemically inert fittings provide a low-carryover connection between flexible pump tubing and semi-rigid fluoropolymer tubing.


  Fluid Handling Specialist Diba Appoints Kevin Zheng as China Sales Engineer Diba Industries Inc.(, a world leader in custom fluid path solutions and products for diagnostics, scientific and laboratory instrumentation, has appointed Kevin Zheng as its new China Sales Engineer.



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