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A Single Source for 3D Cell Culture

publication date: Oct 23, 2015
author/source: Greiner Bio-One GmbH

Greiner Bio-One presents new cell culture kits at Biotechnica 2015 in collaboration with U.S. specialist Nano3D Biosciences

/Greiner Bio-OneGreiner Bio-One will be exhibiting new kits for 3D cell culture  at the European Biotechnica trade show for biotechnology, life sciences and lab technology in  Hanover, Germany. The kits – which are being distributed in cooperation with Nano3D Bio-sciences, based in Houston, Texas in the United States – simplify the cultivation of cells into  three-dimensional structures. The physiological conditions of these types of 3D cultures are  very similar to those in the body and thus allow for significant results for preclinical drug screen- ing, toxicology and cancer research. With compatible cell-repellent surface cell culture vessels  and microplates, Greiner Bio-One offers an ideal platform for Nano3D’s technology.

New technology for 3D cell culture

90 percent of all active ingredient candidates for cancer drugs fail due to low clinical effective- ness or highly toxic side effects in the clinical phase, i.e. at a very late stage in the development  process. Three-dimensional in-vitro assays offer a promising method in high-throughput screen- ing to enable a more conclusive evaluation of active ingredients at an early development phase. 

Greiner Bio-One has partnered with Nano3D Biosciences to present innovative solutions for 3D cell culture. The 3D technology is based on magnetisation of cells using nanoparticles that at- tach themselves to the cell membrane. Development of three-dimensional spheroids or ring  structures is initiated by briefly applying magnets.

Ideal combination – Nano3D technology and CELLSTAR cell-repellent surface

Greiner Bio-One CELLSTAR cell-repellent cell culture vessels and microplates support three- dimensional cell growth by preventing adherent cell growth on the vessels’ surface. Kits allow  rapid development of three-dimensional model structures as well as co-culture of various cell  lines using standard media and laboratory equipment. Easy-to-use in different formats, the plat- forms minimise risk of sample loss during experimental runs. Several studies have demon- strated that the magnetic particles have no effect on the growth characteristics and physiology  of cells.

Kits contain CELLSTAR cell culture vessels with cell-repellent surface, a reagent to magnetise  the cells (NanoShuttle) and the appropriate magnets. Most kit components are also available  separately.

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