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Safe and Effective Protection from Radioactive Compounds

Cleaver acrylic radiation shielding productsSafe, effective protection for laboratory personnel is essential where applications and techniques involve either beta or gamma emitting materials, such as the detection of nucleic acids and proteins, or for radioimmunoassay and metabolic studies.

To meet this requirement laboratory supply specialists CLEAVER SCIENTIFIC (CSL) offers an extensive range of competitively priced acrylic radiation shielding products, which are manufactured in the UK.  The range includes over 120 products, including shields, boxes, racks, waste bins, spillage trays and cabinets.

Flexibility and affordability are among the key requirements for most customers and CSL serves this need by offering custom-built shields and boxes that are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any application or budget.  Its storage boxes are ideal as they can hold any type of container ranging from micro-centrifuge tubes to scintillation vials.  Drawstring heavy-duty waste bags are also available, while free standing bench top bins with hinged lids and anti-slip feet are ideal for short term storage of radioactive materials.

In addition to the standard 10-mm-thick beta protection and 12mm thick lead impregnated gamma protection shielding is 35mm thick lead impregnated shielding, which provides gamma attenuation equivalent to 1.5-mm-thick lead.  This may be offered in 70-mm-thick shielding that offers gamma attenuation equivalent to 3.0-mm-thick lead.

The key features of CSL protection products are: clear optical construction for unobstructed view; a choice of angle to suit location; the availability of most shields in small and large sizes; large flat base models for under-bench protection and curved base models compatible with safety spill trays; plus boxes and bins available with hinged lids in a variety of designs and sizes. Finally, Cleaver Scientific can provide a DuoShield specifically for those applications which require safe protection from both beta and gamma emissions.

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