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Phenom Pro Suite: The ultimate application software solution

Phenom G2 pro desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM).With  Phenom Pro Suite all Phenom users are able to extract maximum information from their images made with the Phenom G2 pro desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM). This software application extends the capabilities of the Phenom G2 pro providing solutions to specific market needs.

The Phenom Pro Suite software is installed on the Phenom Application System. This monitor-mounted PC is the hardware platform for all Pro Suite software, leaving the Phenom G2 pro system in its original state and guaranteeing maximum system stability and up-time.

Pro_SuiteThe standard Pro Suite software package applications are:

Automated Image Mapping

The Automated Image Mapping application enables users to automatically collect multiple images in a regular grid. After an area has been defined in the overview, Automated Image Mapping scans the area with the desired resolution and number of images. The images are tiled to one large overview which can be stored and navigated for detailed observation. All images can be stored separately, for image analysis or as a reference database.

The main benefits of Automated Image Mapping are:

  • Large field of view (FOV) images (min. magnification 31.8x, max. FOV 8.07 mm)
  • Extremely high-resolution complete sample image maps
  • Automated procedure for collecting all sample image data
  • Intuitive single-page user interface
  • Creation of low-magnification overviews
  • Automated acquisition for Fibermetric

Remote User Interface

Phenom Pro Suite's Remote User Interface makes it possible to access the Phenom from a different location. This application is ideal for customers needing support from Phenom-World Customer Support to optimize the performance of their Phenom G2 pro. Customer Support can log on to the Phenom G2 pro and help to adjust the necessary settings if access is granted from the customer's location. The Phenom G2 pro can be controlled with all the common features from the Phenom User Interface. It is also a perfect application for interacting with colleagues based at a different location.

Samples can be imaged and stored on a USB, a network location or local hard drive. This is the ideal solution for showing live results during a presentation or customer demonstration.

The main benefits of Remote User Interface are:

  • Real-time remote control
  • Direct feedback from service
  • Interaction with colleagues at various locations

MeasureIT (Olympus SIS)

The Phenom Application System and Pro Suite are available for the Phenom G2 pro desktop SEM. The Phenom Application System can be connected direct, via local network or Internet, enabling network storage and remote system control.

Optional applications

  • 3D Roughness Reconstruction
With the 3D Roughness Reconstruction application, the Phenom G2 pro is able to generate three-dimensional images and sub-micrometer roughness measurements.

  • Fibermetric
The Fibermetric application produces accurate size information from micro and nano fiber samples. It is possible to measure and analyse complicated fiber structures, ranging from spunbond and electrospun fibers to the melt blown type fibers. The automated image characterization generates hundreds of measurements in seconds and guarantees a fast return on investment.

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