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publication date: May 11, 2010
author/source: The Scott Partnership

Princeton, NJ - May 10, 2010 - PharmaNet Development Group, Inc., a leading provider of clinical development services to innovative pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug and medical device companies, today announced that its subsidiaries Taylor Technology and Anapharm will be showcasing a range of innovative bioanalysis solutions, including high resolution mass spectrometry applications, at ASMS 2010 on May 22 - 27 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We invite you to visit with our scientists at the various poster sessions throughout the meeting. 

Saturday May 22, 2010 - Sunday May 23, 2010

Richard LeLacheur, vice president, Taylor Technology, will teach his annual short course on High Resolution LC/MS for Structural Identification and Quantitation, where he will discuss the utility, advantages and limitations of conducting LC/MSn analysis using high resolution mass spectrometry.  

Taylor Technology and Anapharm representatives will be further demonstrating their offerings in method development and validation and bioanalytical mass spectrometry via a series of presentations covering a wide range of scientific topics including:  

Monday, May 24, 2010

Poster: How the Use of Incurred Samples is Important for the Validation of an Ultra Reproducible Assay for Exemestane, Presenter: Geneviéve Emond, Co-Authors: Nathalie Pelletier, Sylvain Lachance, Ann Levesque, Robert Massé 

Poster: The Importance of Stopping Enzymatic Activity in Plasma for Accurate Analysis of Fluorouracil by LC/MS/MS, Presenter: Nadia Savard, Co-Authors: Louis-Charles Boisvert, Marie Josee Marcoux, Ann Levesque, Robert Massé

Poster: Use of Adducts for Quantitation of Compounds by Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry Detection, Presenter: Jérome Bergeron, Co-Authors: Sebastien Gagne, Isabelle M. Levesque, Marie-Josee Marcoux, Ann Levesque, Robert Massé 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Presentation, 8:30 am: Beyond Successful ISR: Case by Case Investigations for Unmatched Reassay Results When ISR Passed, Presenter: Robert Massé, Vice President Bioanalysis, Anapharm will give a talk on incurred sample reassays (ISR), which currently is an important topic in the area of regulated bioanalysis, Co-Authors: Aimin Tan, Sylvain Lachance, Sofi Gagnon-Carignan, Ann Levesque 

Poster: Chromatographic Separation of Enogenous Level of Hypoxanthine for the Analysis of Allopurinol and Oxypurinol in Human Plasma in Gout Patients, Presenter: Valerie Montmigny Co-Authors: Nadine Lafontaine, Nathalie Pelletier, Sylvain Lachance, Ann Lévesque, Robert Massé 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poster: Optimizing Tissue Analysis for LC-MS/MS in support of Drug Distribution Studies, Presenter: Nalini Anand, Co-Authors: Michael Koleto, Rohan Thakur, Tong Wu 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poster: Sample Collection Stability Issue when Dealing with Highly Bounded to Erythrocytes Molecules, Presenter: Nadia Savard, Co-Authors: Marie-Jose Marcoux, Sylvain Lachance, Ann Lévesque, Robert Massé 

Poster: Relative Instability of Deuterated Internal Standard under Different pH Conditions and According to Deuterium Atmos Location, Presenter: Guy Havard, Co-Authors: Marie-Ève Coulombe, Guy Havard, Sylvain Lachance, Ann Lévesque, Robert Massé 

Poster: Simultaneous Quantitation of Free and Liposomal Drug Forms in Human Serum by Evaporation-Free Extraction, Presenter: Francois Viel, Co-Authors: Nuno Santos, Aimin Tan, Lise Laforest, Nadine Boudreau, Ann Lévesque, Adrien Musuku, Robert Massé 

Poster: Robust and Ultra Sensitive Low Picograms Hormonal Contraceptive Determination by LCMSMS, Presenter: Guy Havard, Sylvain Lachance, Ann Lévesque, Robert Massé  

For more information about PharmaNet Development Group and its subsidiaries' complete range of services, please visit or e-mail 

About PharmaNet Development Group, Inc.

PharmaNet Development Group, Inc., a global drug development services company, provides a comprehensive range of services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug and medical device industries. The Company offers early and late stage consulting, Phase I clinical studies and bioanalytical analyses, and Phase II, III and IV clinical development programs. With approximately 2,300 employees throughout 34 countries, and 42 facilities throughout the world, PharmaNet is a recognized leader in outsourced clinical development.  



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