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Decrease process costs with the NEW Unistat 905 from Huber

The NEW Unistat® 905w is the latest addition to the Unistat® range of high performance circulators from Huber. With 6kW heating power, cooling powers from 4,5kW @ 0°C and 0,7kW @ -80°C and a temperature range of -90 to 250°C the new 905w brings a tailored cryogenic solution to lower volume reactors. 

Introduced to the market in 1991, and with a temperature range from -120 to +425°C, the Unistats® were designed for demanding temperature control applications where reliability, predictability and tight control are a necessity in a constantly changing reaction mass. Critical process temperatures can be maintained through mixing, ingredient addition, exothermic and endothermic reactions. This level of temperature control can lead to increased yields, lower resource consumption and lower running costs, making the Unistats® a more efficient and profitable alternative to other temperature control methods. 

Designed to give the highest possible flow rates, the new Unistat® 905w features an efficient variable-speed pump with soft start. This enables the safest and fastest ramp rates resulting in tighter control of process temperature while protecting your reactor and maximising process efficiencies. The pressure of the thermal fluid is closely controlled and monitored by an adaptive controller that brings a new level of precision to thermal control that can be delivered to a wide variety of applications. 

A hydraulically sealed circulation thermostat, the Unistat® 905w allows fluids to be used safely above flash points without the fear of ignition and associated greasy residue that comes from oil vapours. In addition, because the fluids are not exposed to the atmosphere whilst being heated and cooled, they do not degrade dramatically extending their lifetime by years.

Consistent with the entire Unistat® range, the Unistat 905w features the Unistat® pilot. An easy to use touch screen controller, with simple to access menus displaying all the key parameters, including, process temperature, jacket temperature, fluid pressure and safety settings. The Unistat pilot allows users to view dynamic data in a real-time graphic format.

All units are CFC and H-CFC free and have the option for 100% natural refrigerants. Manufactured from stainless steel each model in the Unistat® range is built to operate trouble-free for many years. 

For more information about the new Unistat® 905w or to download the case studies please visit

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