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AFYS3G introduces the ultimate system to mark labware

publication date: Mar 8, 2019
author/source: AFYS3G BV

AFYS3G launches a unique laser based system to mark labware with 100% reliability: the Lambda8.

The Manual Information Marking System Lambda8 engraves labware with a laser to guarantee that markings are definite. The Lambda8 can be used to engrave labware with any shape, text or code.

Because the system uses a laser to engrave high-resolution makings, there is no need to change labels or ink ribbons. The laser engraved markings are resistant against chemicals, mechanical abrasion and extreme temperatures. Consequently, the markings cannot be separated from labware and can never wear off. The laser can even be used to mark labware under extreme circumstances. For example, the Lambda8 can mark sample storage tubes directly out of a -80°C freezer without any difficulty. Overall, the system can ensure the absolute traceability of sample storage tubes for long term use.

Traditional laboratory benchtop devices use ink or labels to mark tubes. But instead of printing detachable ink on the outer surface of tubes, the Lambda8 engraves definite markings with a laser into the surface of tubes. The markings can be engraved into various tube formats from 0.30ml up to 15.00ml by simply changing adapters. Because a variety of adapters is available at AFYS3G, the system can also mark ANSI/SLAS format racks, caps and other labware.

User-friendly software enables users to create, select and laser custom markings. Moreover, the software allows laboratory staff to position the laser on an optimal marking area for a specific application. For example, markings can be engraved onto a non-transparent area of a sample storage tube, allowing markings to be read regardless of the type/color of samples. Furthermore, the Lambda8 can mark multiple tubes at once. Tubes from various suppliers such as Brooks, Greiner, LVL, Micronic, and Thermo are compatible with the Lambda8. By simply changing adapters and software settings, one system can be used for various brands and tubes.

AFYS3G’s laboratory benchtop equipment is designed and assembled in-house by specialists at the AFYS3G headquarters in The Netherlands. Because AFYS3G assembles equipment in-house, the Lambda8 can be made compatible with specific applications.


At AFYS3G we’re committed to improve laboratory processes by offering laboratory benchtop equipment 3G. This is equipment that represents the 3Goals for which AFYS3G was founded; enhance performance, empower integration and ensure compatibility. We design, develop and assemble laboratory devices with Attention For Your Samples.


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