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Accessible TIRF solutions for every application

publication date: Feb 23, 2015
author/source: Olympus

Accessible TIRF solutions for every application

Representing the latest in total internal reflection (TIRF) technology, the newly expanded Olympus cellTIRF family offers systems for all needs, including a new cost-effective one-line illuminator with motorised TIRF angle control.

Olympus expands its range of cellTIRF illuminators and accessories with the new economic one-line illuminator (cellTIRF-1L), which complements the high-end, 4- and 2-line (cellTIRF MITICO 4L/2L) illuminators. Ideally suited for use with laser combiners, the cellTIRF-1L with motorised TIRF angle control offers cost-effective flexibility for system builders. The new illuminator can also be used with 3rd party lasers and enables multi-fluorescence samples to be sequentially imaged at the same penetration depth. Control is effortlessly managed by software integration or via the Olympus Real-Time Controller (RTC) for accurate live cell imaging.

As TIRF imaging is invaluable across a wide spectrum of disciplines to investigate events occurring at cell surfaces, the cellTIRF illuminators provide a series of features supporting both precise imaging and easy operation. Among these features are highly advanced optics, integrated laser safety systems and high-speed control of penetration depth and laser lines via the RTC. The high end systems provide ultra-sensitive truly simultaneous multi-colour TIRF microscopy, with up to 4 laser channels and independent beam paths.

The cellTIRF illuminators are complemented by a large portfolio of specially designed TIRF objectives, including the world’s highest numerical aperture (NA – 1.7) APO 100X OHR, allowing extreme TIRF angles, and the UAPON 150xO TIRF, which combines extreme magnification and high numerical aperture (1.45) with a correction collar and DIC compatibility.

Through outstanding optics matched with high-end motorised TIRF devices, Olympus offers a system enabling easy access to super-resolution microscopy, performed using single-molecule localisation techniques.

In addition, the range is fully compatible with the innovative modular IX3 series of inverted microscope frames offering great flexibility. These ‘open source’ frames provide the chance to build bespoke systems with interchangeable optical modules and accessories, thanks to an accessible infinite light path.

One such accessory, the Z-drift compensation system (ZDC), enables instant focusing even at high magnifications with dedicated TIRF objectives. Ensuring constant and stringent focusing over long imaging periods, the ZDC is perfect for time-lapse experiments and complements the new workflow-orientated cellVivo incubation system which is equipped with a laser interlock, blocking lasers as soon as the incubator is opened for safe handling. TIRF illuminator controls and applications are seamlessly integrated into Olympus cellSens software allowing fast and flexible visualisation of intracellular molecular events with exceptional speed, sensitivity and resolution.

With all these features and the new economic cellTIRF-1L bringing flexibility and accessibility to all users, the expanded cellTIRF family from Olympus ensures the availability of an optimum TIRF solution for every requirement.

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