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SMI-LabHut Ltd.

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All articles from SMI-LabHut Ltd.

  New Hand Held GC for Environmental Analysis Analysing environmental BTEX to 1 PPB levels  in less than 6 minutes and weighing in at just 2.5Kg the Frog 4000 hand-held GC is a truly portable system capable of delivering immediate results in the field at the push of a button

Frog 4000 hand-held GCThe Frog 4000 requires no gas cylinders and utilises cutting edge microfabricated  technology that reduces component size down to battery operated size for 6-8 hours of operation. The miniature GC column and PID will also separate TCE, PCE and other VOC's in water, soil or air and effectively eliminates the need to send samples back to a lab...


  New Expanded HPLC Column Store range Labhut ColStore HPLC Column Storage systemThe popular ColStore HPLC Column Storage system has been expanded to accommodate up to 120 HPLC columns. Introduced by LabHut in 2011, the original ColStore 30 held up to 30 HPLC columns.  The series has now been expanded to include the ColStore 60, ColStore 90 and ColStore 120, with an optional storage tray for HPLC fittings and tools which will fit into any of the drawers...


  LabHut introduces new Cronus Pre-Filter Plus! The popular Cronus syringe filter range has been further enhanced by the addition of the new Pre-Filter Plus from LabHut.




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