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  Everything You Need to Know About Cryogenic Labels

This guide is for anyone working in a biobank or laboratory seeking a comprehensive and reliable way of identifying and tracking biological samples destined for long-term cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature freezers. The guide should impart the reader with a deeper understanding of the many attributes of a cryogenic label, the thought process behind choosing a label, the selection of labels in the LabTAG catalog, and how to integrate it all within your process....


  Breakthrough: GA International announces the launch of laser printable CryoSTUCK

GA International announces the launch of a new laser printable CryoSTUCK® labels for frozen surfaces. These labels adhere to frozen surfaces, removing the need to thaw cryogenically stored samples that require re-labeling. Previously, these labels were only available for thermal-transfer printers, and GA has now adapted them to laser printers as well....



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