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Particle Testing Authority

Particle Testing Authority

Particle Testing Authority


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All articles from Particle Testing Authority

  Micromeritics Subsidiary Inaugurated in Munich-Unterschleißheim

Micromeritics-Subsidiary-Inaugurated-in-Munich-UnterschleissheimMicromeritics Instrument Corporation has celebrated the opening of its new German subsidiary and European application laboratory "Particle Testing Authority" in Munich-Unterschleissheim in July with invited customers, employees and representatives of local politics. Jeff Sherman, Micromeritics' Vice President Sales and Marketing, and Christoph Böck, First Mayor of Unterschleißheim, inaugurated the new...


  Particle Testing Authority (PTA) Extends Its Testing Capabilities with a New Tool That Helps Solve Dispersion Stability Issues

particle testingMicromeritics Division Adds Formulaction’s Turbiscan TOWER to its Arsenal of Characterization Instrumentation. In its ongoing efforts to add the most advanced analytical equipment, Particle Testing Authority (PTA), a division of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, has announced it has acquired Formulaction’s Turbiscan TOWER to help solve dispersion stability issues....





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