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Nikon UK Instruments

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All articles from Nikon UK Instruments

  Fluorescent Hand of a Madagascar Giant Day Gecko Wins 48th Annual Nikon Small World Photo Microscopy Competition

Nikon Instruments Inc. has unveiled the winners of the 48th annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. This year’s first place prize was awarded to Grigorii Timin, supervised by Dr. Michel Milinkovitch at the University of Geneva, for his remarkable image of an embryonic hand of a Madagascar giant day gecko. Masterfully blending imaging technology and artistic creativity, Timin utilized high-resolution microscopy and image-stitching to capture this species of Phelsuma grandis day gecko...


  Stunning Weevil Eye Wins Forty-Fourth Annual Nikon Small World Competition

The breath-taking winners of the 44th annual competition unveil the microscopic beauty hidden from the naked eye. Nikon Instruments Inc. has announced the winners of the forty-fourth annual Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. First place was awarded to Emirati photographer Yousef Al Habshi, who sees the eyes as the windows to stunning insect artwork and research. The 2018 winning image captures part of the compound eyes and surrounding greenish scales of an Asian Red Palm weevil....


  Nikon launches world

A landmark in stereomicroscope evolution

Live zebrafishThe all new Nikon SMZ25 and SMZ18 stereomicroscopes have evolved to meet the increasing needs for imaging systems that range from single cells to whole organisms. Featuring a large zoom ratio of 25:1 for the SMZ25, superior resolution and exceptional fluorescence transmission capability, the ergonomic, easy-to-use, fully motorised SMZ25 and manual SMZ18 are ideal for all bioscience applications....


  Newcastle University Imaging Facility enhances advanced imaging capabilities A1R confocal imaging systemsWorking with Nikon Instruments UK, the Imaging Facility at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University has enhanced its advanced imaging capability. The University has added to its existing imaging resources; two A1R confocal imaging systems, a Total Internal Reflectance (TIRF) microscopy system and a Super Resolution microscopy systems equipped to provide both N-STORM* (Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) and N-SIM** (Structured Illumination Microscopy). The facility caters for a wide variety of imaging requirements and can offer phase, DIC, fluorescence and confocal microscopy, and now super resolution...



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